Used by Kate Dunbar

Used by Kate Dunbar

Used by Kate Dunbar
Used Genres: Romantic Suspense

At the age of seventeen, after a decade of lies, hurt, and severe abuse by her brother Lucas, Sabra Valentine is able to breathe.

Lucas is behind bars thanks in large part to Sabra’s quick thinking and self-preservation-even if that’s one more secret she has to keep.

Now, seven years later, life is moving forward, and Sabra is starting to heal, live, and love again with her friends and Trevor Collins by her side. He’s tall, dark, and sexy, and he doesn’t fall for Sabra’s games. The future is finally looking bright-until one phone call shatters everything.

Used is a romantic suspense with domestic thriller elements. Please be aware that there are topics that may be triggers for some readers, and this work is meant for mature readers.

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Used is Kate Dunbar’s debut novel however after reading it you certainly don’t know that.
I was enthralled from the first page to the last. Sabra Valentine is one of the most realistic characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I will say this one does have some triggers. Sabra has anxiety and fear to a level that I was concerned about my own anxiety levels.

This was like reading a true-life account of Sabra’s life and I will say that made this book all the more special. There is romance and I loved how Dunbar blended it with everything else in the book. It could have come across immaterial or shoddy but it doesn’t. Trevor isn’t a secondary character or shoved aside to only focus on Sabra.

This is certainly a must read for 2021! If you read no other book this year make sure it is this one!


“So, that’s rule one. What do you think?”

I shake my head and snap out of my reverie. “What?” I inch my way toward him and place my hand on his thigh. “I’m sorry. I got distracted. Tell me again.” Trevor’s jaw tightens. His eyes shift toward my hand.

“You got distracted? I’m telling you the rules to our relationship, and you got distracted? How is that even possible?”

“I started thinking about last night and your lips on me. And that made me start thinking about your lips on me again. And that made me think about your hands on me. And that made me think about everything else on me.” Trevor stares at me with his mouth hanging open.

“I swear, you never cease to surprise me, Sabra.” He grabs my hand and pulls me toward his chest. After a few moments, he uses his finger to gently lift my chin and brush his lips over mine. “Screw the rules. We’ll just wing it.” I smell his minty breath as he moves down my jaw with those magical lips and across my collarbone. Trevor’s fingers grasp the edge of my shirt. All I can think about is that same breath and those same lips scorching my skin again.

I’m losing myself in his touch. His kisses. The sweet words he’s whispering into my ear. I’m lost in him. And then my phone rings, blasting through the room. Shaking us out of the moment. Trevor pulls back to look over his shoulder at the intruder.

You have got to be kidding me. How is it possible the entire world seems to be calling me this early?

I glance at the phone sitting on the coffee table beside us and realize I don’t recognize the number. “I’m sorry. I have to answer this.” Trevor grabs my hand and settles it on his lap. I can feel how much he doesn’t want me to answer it.

“Are you sure it can’t wait, Say?” He smiles his crooked grin and cocks his head to the side. “Can’t they leave a voicemail, and you call them back?”

“It could be my agent. I had that audition yesterday. I just need a second.”

“Fine. I’ll go get a donut hole.” He grins and stands. “And then I’m coming back for yours.”

“Ew, gross.” I snatch my phone and slide my finger across the screen, rolling my eyes at him as he walks into the kitchen laughing. “Hello?”

“Hello, Sabra. How are you, sis?”


No. No. Nooooo…NO. This can’t be happening. I yank the phone away from my ear and stare at it. Absolutely not. The air feels thin. My lungs feel like they’re about to burst.

“Sabra? What is it?” Trevor stares at me with this look on his face, like he thinks I’m crazy.

Did I say that out loud?

I hit the end button and get up, pacing from one side of my extremely small living room to the other. This is a nightmare. No. It has to be a wrong number. He’s in prison. There’s a chant happening in my head.

He’s in prison. He’s in prison. He’s in prison.

“Sabra.” I flinch as Trevor touches my arm and instinctively move away.

“Don’t touch me.” The hurt in his eyes is obvious. So deep. I might as well have slapped him. And I don’t care. “Don’t. Touch. Me.” I growl it at him.

He’s in prison. He’s in prison. He’s in prison.

“Sabra, what the hell is going on? What happened?” Trevor paces a step away and turns to look at me. “Who was that?”

“No one. A wrong number. No one at all.”

But I know it wasn’t. He’ll call back. Come back for more. He always comes back for more. Dammit. How is he coming back for more?

He’s in prison. He’s in prison.

I feel Trevor’s heat before I realize he’s next to me. “I don’t believe that. It was someone.” He grabs me by the upper arms and shifts me back against the wall. “You’re shaking and white as a sheet. What’s going on? Who the hell was that?”

I’m shaking?

He’s in prison. He’s in prison.

Wait. My mom called…

And I realize why she was calling so early. Dammit. Everything clicks into place. Tremors course through my body. I can’t control them. The chant changes in my head.

He’s out. He’s out. Oh my god, he’s out. I. Can’t. Breathe.

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