Unbreakable by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

Unbreakable by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Unbreakable Series: The Kings of Retribution MC Montana #4
Genres: MC Romance

Fear makes us stronger and we become Unbreakable. As the President of The Kings of Retribution MC, Jake Delane has dedicated his life to his family and watched his Club flourish. Seeing his brothers find strong women to stand at their sides unearthed buried feelings of loss; making the idea of never finding love again more absolute. Until a beautiful, and fierce redhead moved to town. Making Grace his became Jake’s mission. Loving her became his reason to breathe.

Hiding from her past, Grace finds refuge in the small town of Polson. As time passes, the secrets she keeps hidden become a necessary burden she must carry in order to protect the most important person in her life. When she finds herself falling in love with the President of the local MC, Grace does the only thing she can; She runs.

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Jake’s wife died years ago and he loved so much that moving on was difficult for him. He just wasn’t ready. that is until he meets Grace who owns the bakery in town. They seem to be working towards something until Grace suddenly disappears. Not one to let his woman just run away Jake goes after her.

Grace has been protecting her daughter for a number of years. Protecting her so well, they can’t even be together. When she realizes how serious Jake is she runs in an effort to continue protecting Remi (her daughter) and to stay one step ahead of her dangerous ex.
Then Jake shows her just how the The Kings protect those they love.

I have to say I enjoyed this book so much. We get some wonderful secondary characters in Glory and Remi. Not to mention we get to watch Demetri Volkov fall hard for Glory at first sight. The entire book was just so good.

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