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A Lucky Grace has become Wickedly Romance. A blog dedicated to all things book and a bookish life. I know this is a lot of information. I have big plans for this new site that includes a book review podcast among other things. I feel this is going to serve my love of books better than A Lucky Grace ever did. I will keep the A lucky Grace email open for a few months just to catch anything that comes through. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this and for continuing to work with me after reading all of that. Since we work together regularly I wanted to let you have some important information:

  1. The new url is of course:
  2. My new email is: rita(at)

Posts From A Lucky Grace

I have moved all book posts over to the new site. That means new urls and to make that easier for you to find I created a Goggle Doc with all of that information. It can be found here:

Social Media & Goodreads

  1. I have a new Goodreads url as well. Any reviews we did together are listed on the new Goodreads as well.
  2. Social media now has the username of @wickedlyromance


All Amazon reviews stayed the same since I’m still me and only have one Amazon account. My Kindle email is the same as well. Rita_41b47c(at)

Upcoming Campaigns

I have (fingers crossed) signed up again on all newsletters, etc from you with my new email. However if you do have me listed for any upcoming posts, can you please update me with my new information? I have the following ones on my calendar as of 9/30/19: