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The Weekly Chapter

You may have noticed something new up there at the top of the blog. It says to get all the information for the week in The Weekly Chapter. One of my favorite bloggers has something similar and I loved the idea behind it. So I created one of my own and gave it some of my own flair.

On The Weekly Chapter you can find what I am reading this week, what reads are coming up, see a quick rundown of the most recent posts.

I will be adding in some bookish finds in the next week or so. Also there will be a list of book reviews from the previous week. you can find the update links to my book challenges as well.

I share some recommendations with you as well. I do these as the preview widget from Amazon because I wanted you to be able to check it out before buying. That way it’s not just a link to click and then realize you don’t want the book. This way you can preview it and then buy if you like what you see.

Finally, I have the free books for the week. These are listed Sunday evening so they are free as of that time. They can change back to full price at any time as well. I did the preview widget with them for you as well.

Every Monday The Weekly Chapter will update and give you the rundown. I will also be adding in current giveaways next week to make them easy as well.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, especially Amazon. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to purchase a book or product using my link.

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