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I told y’all not long ago that the weekly newsletter you get from Wickedly Romance every Monday was going to end. The last newsletter sent went on July 27, 2020. Beginning tomorrow August 1, 2020 you will begin receiving The Rita Report. If you signed up that is and if not you still can but I will tell you how in a moment.


The Rita Report will go out on the first of every month. In it will be a brief recap from each blog as well as a code for extra entries for each blog. I still ask that if you haven’t received it by Monday please shoot me an email so I can figure out what is going on. However remember if you haven’t actually signed up for The Rita Report you will NOT receive a newsletter. You MUST sign up even if you were on the previous newsletter lists. Those are being deleted.


The code will be valid for one full month. It can be use once time in any or all the giveaways on each blog. So that means the code for Wickedly Romance can only be used on Wickedly Romance but it can used in all of the giveaways. The only exceptions are giveaways that I am sharing with you. For example when authors have giveaways as part of a reveal or release.


I will watch this newsletter every month. I will make a note of those who don’t open it and if you don’t open the newsletter for three months, you will receive an email from me asking if you wish to remain on the list. You will still be able to let me know when you don’t receive it and I will have an archive link for all newsletters. Only doing one a month will free up my time to pay better attention to the newsletter and other things. There will be a monthly giveaway in every newsletter. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter it. You will be entered by opening the previous month’s newsletter.


You can sign up below if you haven’t already done so. You can also sign up in the sidebar.

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