The Pacifist by Elin Peer

The Pacifist by Elin Peer
The Pacifist by Elin Peer
Series: Men of the North #10
Genres: Sci-Fi

A promise is a promise but this promise is one I should have never made.

Mila, a sweet pacifist born in the Motherlands, has avoided conflicts all her life. Now, living in the Northlands with the ruling family who adopted her, she’s under pressure to follow the traditions of the North and let fierce warriors fight for her hand in marriage.

But how can she marry if it means giving up on her friendship with Jonah, the first male councilman in the Motherlands and her closest friend? Every night they talk, laugh, and share their darkest secrets.

Will Mila find a voice strong enough to say no, and is she willing to jeopardize her family’s political power for Jonah, who most likely wants nothing but a platonic friendship with her? Or does he?

The Pacifist is the tenth and last book in Elin Peer’s wildly successful Men of the North series. Don’t miss out on this epic ending to a great dystopian adventure that offers suspense, humor, and romance.

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Elin Peer gave us a beautiful end to an amazing series. I am sad to see it go and at the same time elated that I got to experience it.

I am torn over this book. I having been waiting for Mila’s story and after what happened to Magni in the last book, I admit I was nervous. Where to begin without giving anything away. First is the relationship between Magni and Mila. They met each other when she first came to the Northlands for school. Her mother had died and she was lonely. Magni had his own set of troubles and even though he didn’t show affection he showed it to Mila. She was never afraid of him and told him he was her daddy even though he couldn’t legally be. The day him and Laura adopted her was emotional.

Now she’s grown and in the tradition of the Northlands she is set to have a bride tournament. Men will fight for the chance to be her husband. She must select from the winners and she made a bet with her father which means she’s having a tournament.

Sounds great right? What woman wouldn’t want men fighting over her? All of this happened before the last book where we find out the bombshell of Kahn not being the proper heir, Magni was in a terrible accident, and truthfully Mila doesn’t like fighting. In fact she is in love with her best friend Jonah who is the first councilman in the Motherlands.

Jonah loves Mila too but he has issues to work through. Like the fact that he can’t marry because being a romantic in the Motherlands is frowned upon. He has a crazy sister, theres a fire, a place of reflection, and he may lose his council seat. Talk about a rough week.

A lot happened in this book. We saw or heard about all of the characters from previous books. I love that Jonah is the person to stand up to Magni and force his hand. I will not tell you how or why because you have to read it. Also his speech to council is awesome!

Mila finds her own inner strength as well. That isn’t easy for an empath, people pleaser like her. She struggles with it but when she does take her stand she does it with confidence. She deserved the happiness she finds. In the early books when she is a child she is one that just touches your heart. She so wants to be loved and have a family.

Magni struggles a lot in this book as well. He changes but I think for the better. He went through a traumatic event so there was no way he could ever been the same. The person he was died the moment he woke in the hospital. It’s just the way that happens, you can never go back after a trauma Kirk his. All you can do is go forward and he does but he’s resentful. By the end of the book he’s insightful and I love why he got his tattoo.

Freya had to be the scene stealer of this book. While I know this is the end of the series I wished we could have seen her get her own book. I could only imagine the man it would take to tame her or maybe she would be taming him. She is by far one of the smartest and enlightened children. Although she doesn’t see herself that way. I loved her ideas and how determined she was to help.

I know I haven’t given many details but you really should read the book. It had me laughing out loud at times. Finn explained jellyfish and well I woke the house up I laughed so loudly. If you have not yet had the privilege to experience Men of the North, I suggest to stop reading right now and get this series.

About Elin Peer

Elin describes herself as quirky in a good way.
Being curious by nature, she likes to explore and can tell you about riding elephants through the Asian jungle, watching the sunset in the Sahara Desert from the back of a camel, sailing down the Nile in Egypt, kayaking in Alaska, and flying over Greenland in helicopters.

After traveling the world and living in different countries, Elin is currently residing outside Seattle in the US with her husband, daughters, and her black Labrador, Lucky, who follows her everywhere.

With a back ground in personal coaching, Elin is easy to talk to and one thing is for sure: she is not afraid to provoke, shock, touch, and excite you when she writes about unwanted desire, forbidden passion, and all those damn emotions in between.

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