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The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy | Discussion

The Cousins ODwyer Trilogy at Wickedly Romance

After reading and rereading all three books I thought it would be fun to discuss the series and the books. Plus to maybe mention somethings that bothered me about the books. First and foremost let me say I loved the series. IT was great but there were a few things that I wanted more information on. Also, if you haven’t read the series and plan on reading it STOP READING THIS POST NOW!! There will be some spoilers mentioned (I will attempt to not go into great detail) and it could ruin this for you. If you have read the series lets discuss it.

The Ending of the Series

I hated the ending of the series. I felt that we got ripped off in some way. We need more, at least something that gave us more than just everything was over. I don’t know I just felt like there was more that could have been said. I really wanted a little look into the future or honestly anything.

Fin’s Heritage

This was such a huge part of the series and when it finally comes out, it makes sense but then some other things get hinted at. Sorcha mentions that Fin is Daithi and then tells him the truth of his heritage. Then her daughter, Brannuagh, say Fin is like like her own husband. So I wonder if they were connected in that way as well? Was Brannuagh’s husband somehow a relation to Fin or not? Were Fin and Branna more or less a reincarnation of Sorcha and Daithi? I mean there were so many questions let unanswered there.


I hated that we didn’t get more of him. The bits we do get are so intense. You can feel his love for Sorcha coming off the pages from the first moment we hear him speak to her. Yet, we never see him come to his children in any way. He never comes to anyone after his death. There is a thought that he came as a stag once to help but it’s just a thought. Fin sees him but it as he is dying. I just would have loved more of him.

Picky Readers

I know this makes me sound like one of those super picky readers. I will admit there are times when I feel like I am. However with this series I just felt there was stuff that got left out somehow. Things that seemed or were discussed as important but not expanded on. The series it self was amazing, I just needed more.

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