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The 52 Book Club 2021 Reading Challenge

The 52 Book Club 2021 Reading Challenge

Another challenge I am taking part in is The 52 Book Club 2021 Reading Challenge. This one I hope will allow me to branch out more beyond my comfort zone that I seem to be stuck in. This is the place where I will be tracking my progress during the challenge.

I will be listing each book with a link to either the review I did, Goodreads, or Amazon. some of the books I read I never review. Although I do know that is something I am working on getting better at in 2021. I need to review every single book I read.

  1. Set in a School:
  2. Featuring the Legal Profession:
  3. A Dual Timeline:
  4. An Author that is Deceased:
  5. Published by Penguin:
  6. A Character with the Same Name as a Male Family Member:
  7. An Author With Only One Book Published:
  8. A Book in the 900s of Dewey Decimal System:
  9. Set in a Mediterranean Country:
  10. Related to the Word Fire:
  11. Book With Discussion Questions Inside
  12. Title Starting With the Letter D
  13. Includes An Exotic Animal
  14. Written by an Author Over 65 (when published):
  15. A Book Mentioned in Another Book
  16. Set Before the 17th Century
  17. A Character “On the Run”:
  18. Author With a 9 Letter Last Name:
  19. Book With a Deckled Edge:
  20. Made into a TV Series:
  21. Book by Kristin Hannah:
  22. A Family Saga:
  23. An Ending that Surprises You:
  24. A Book You Think They Should Read in Schools:
  25. A Book With Multiple Character POV:
  26. An Author of Color:
  27. First Chapter Ends on an Odd Page Number:
  28. Includes a Historical Event You Know Little About:
  29. Featuring the Environment:
  30. Watch Out for the Dragons:
  31. Shares a Similar Title To Another Book:
  32. A Selfish Character:
  33. Featuring Adoption: Kade by Tasha Black
  34. A Book you’d Rate 5 Stars: The Darkest of Light by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
  35. Set in a Country that Starts with the Letter “S”: Red Bones by Ann Cleeves
  36. A Nameless Narrator:
  37. An Educational Read:
  38. Recommended on BookBub:
  39. An Alternate History Read:
  40. Found Via #bookstagram:
  41. An Endorsement by a Famous Author on the Cover:
  42. An Epistolary:
  43. A Character With a Pet Cat:
  44. Includes a Garden:
  45. A Coming of Age Novel:
  46. Winner of the National Book Award – any year:
  47. A Character with a Disability:
  48. A Cover with a Woman Who is Facing Away:
  49. A Flavour in the Title:
  50. A Shoe on the Cover:
  51. Published in 2021: Repeat Offender by Lani Lynn Vale
  52. Re-do One of the Previous 51 Categories From this 2021 Challenge:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, especially Amazon. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to purchase a book or product using my link.


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