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    A Decision Made

    You may have notice that there are older posts on the blog without any images. The images are broken and that happened when I changed hosts. I have been going back and slowly working through those posts and adding the images back. I spent hours yesterday and managed to get through five pages.

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    The Weekly Chapter

    You may have noticed something new up there at the top of the blog. It says to get all the information for the week in The Weekly Chapter. One of my favorite bloggers has something similar and I loved the idea behind it. So I created one of my own and gave it some of my own flair.

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    The Rita Report

    I told y’all not long ago that the weekly newsletter you get from Wickedly Romance every Monday was going to end. The last newsletter sent went on July 27, 2020. Beginning tomorrow August 1, 2020 you will begin receiving The Rita Report. If you signed up that is and if not you still can but I will tell you how in a moment.

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    Newsletter Update- Please Read!

    As most of you know I write three blogs each with their own newsletter. It takes a while to put together each newsletter, which means I spend several hours each week just working on newsletters. I’ve been thinking about what to do to cut back on the time. I thought I could hire someone to write my newsletters, but that is an expense I don’t want at the moment. I could just stop the newsletters altogether, but I know that y’all enjoy getting the extra codes.

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    Why the Sudden Change + Giveaway

    I’m sure y’all have noticed the sudden change in the way things look. I always like to tell you the why behind any big changes I make. For this one it was pretty simple, I felt as though I had settled for something I didn’t really want before. I had an idea of how I wanted this blog to look and feel and I don’t think I was heading in that direction previously.