• Reserved for Murder at Wickedly Romance

    Reserved for Murder by Victoria Gilbert | Book Review

    Rating: Reserved for Murder by Victoria Gilbert Series: Booklovers B&B Mysteries #2 Genres: Cozy Mystery Meeting your favorite author in the flesh can be the chance of a lifetime. But for one unlucky fan, her plum place in line at a book signing will lead to her untimely demise. Beaufort, North Carolina, is home to Chapters Bed and Breakfast, owned and operated by former schoolteacher Charlotte Reed. This historic 18th-century inn draws in voracious readers from far and wide with its lovingly curated special events celebrating a host of genres and authors. On this sunny July weekend, a visit by one of the biggest names in romantic fantasy attracts throngs…

  • Lycans Blood Queen at Wickedly Romance

    Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward | Book Review

    Rating: Lycan's Blood Queen by Catherine Edward Series: Randolph Duology #1 Genres: Paranormal Romance Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother’s brutal death at the hands of Vampires. But when a suspicious student takes up resident on his turf, he can’t help but be drawn to her despite knowing what she is. Taken into custody by the ruling family of Brookedge, Mia’s life is complicated by the whole different world of mythical creatures living among humans. Now she must survive the impending civil war between old rivals, all the while learning about her true self and the power she holds. Torn between…

  • Her Sister's Child by Alison James at Wickedly Romance

    Her Sister’s Child by Alison James | Book Review

    Rating: Her Sister's Child by Alison James Genres: Psychological Thriller She rolls over and reaches for her instinctively: her baby. Her hand hits air and flaps redundantly. She stumbles out of bed and switches on the light. But this only confirms it. The baby is gone. Someone has taken her. Sixteen years ago, Lizzie Armitage woke to find her newborn baby gone. Just days later, Lizzie was dead. Her sister Paula swore she would do everything she could to find the child. If she hadn’t promised to keep Lizzie's pregnancy secret, maybe the baby wouldn’t have disappeared. And maybe Lizzie would still be alive. But, in nearly a decade, Paula’s…

  • More Than We Bargained For at Wickedly Romance

    More Than We Bargained For by Fiona West | Book Review

    Rating: More Than We Bargained For by Fiona West Series: Timber Falls #4 Genres: Contemporary Romance Wanted: renter for rural Oregon mountain lodge. Single mom divorcees named Starla preferred. Starla Moore despises a mystery, and there's no bigger mystery than Sawyer Devereaux. He comes into the library on Thursdays like clockwork, but rarely talks to anyone else. Not that she despises him; after all, he's easy on the eyes, quick-witted, and that southern accent makes her swoon. But in the midst of a divorce, her only romance is the bookish kind. Worst of all, crashing with her bestie won't be an option soon, especially since her final fling with her…

  • All That Really Mtters Featured at Wickedly Romance

    All that Really Matters by Nicole Deese | Book Reviews

    Rating: All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese Genres: Contemporary Romance Molly McKenzie's bright personality and on-trend fashion and beauty advice have earned her an impressive social media following, as well as a big paycheck each month. When her manager-turned-boyfriend says she has an audition to appear as a host on a makeover show that nominates underprivileged youth, her dream of further fame seems to be coming true. There's just one catch: she has little experience interacting with people in need. When her manager-boyfriend convinces her to partner with a local organization, she begins volunteering with a summer youth program. The program's director, Silas Whittaker, challenges her at every turn,…

  • Murder in an Irish Bookshop by Carlene OConner Review at Wickedly Romance

    Murder in an Irish Bookshop by Carlene O’Connor | Book Review

    Rating: Murder in an Irish Bookshop by Carlene O'Connor Series: Irish Village Mystery #7 Genres: Cozy Mystery Join a bestselling author and travel to County Cork in Ireland to solve a bookish mystery full of twists in a cozy whodunit perfect for fans of Sheila Connolly, Kate Carlisle, and Laura Childs! Between training the new town garda and trying to set a wedding date with her fiancé, Macdara Flannery, Siobhán O’Sullivan is feeling a bit overwhelmed. She’s looking forward to visiting the new bookshop and curling up with an exciting novel—only to discover the shelves contain nothing but Literature with a capital L. The owner not only refuses to stock…