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    Quit Bein’ Ugly by Lani Lynn Vale | Book Review

    Rating: Quit Bein' Ugly by Lani Lynn Vale Series: The Southern Gentleman #3 Genres: Contemporary Romance There’s a crush, and then there are the type of feelings that Croft Cruisie evokes from a person. He’s everything that any straight woman would want: tall, handsome, charismatic, muscular, and sweet. At least, Carmichael thought he was sweet, until he brings another woman to the gym she owns with her brother, on the night that’s to be their first date, and lets her know in a quick and painful, non-verbal way that her feelings are not reciprocated. Fast forward six months, and she’s still trying to move on from the rejection. It doesn’t…

  • Cover Reveal

    Quit Bein’ Ugly by Lani Lynn Vale Cover Reveal

    I have a cover reveal from Lani Lynn Vale for y’all today! It’s from her Southern Gentleman series so it has been a little while since we have visited with them. This one is going to be so awesome! We are finally going to get Croft and Carmichael’s story! Take a looka t it all below and pre-order today!

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    Inked Persuasion by Carrie Ann Ryan

    Rating: Inked Persuasion by Carrie Ann Ryan Series: Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins #1 Genres: Contemporary Romance The Montgomery Ink saga from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a steamy new series. Years ago, Annabelle Montgomery married not for love but for a promise of hope. When she lost him weeks later, she told herself she never needed those sentiments again. Only when she discovers years later that her new neighbor is her late husband’s brother, Annabelle finds she can’t quite shake the emotions she’s long since buried. Jacob Queen vowed he’d never set eyes on Annabelle again. When they’re forced into each other’s lives once more, they realize…

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    Undaunted by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

    Rating: Undaunted by Sandy Alvarez, Crystal Daniels Series: The Kings of Retribution MC Montana #1 Genres: MC Romance LIES WILL BE TOLD, SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED, AND WHAT WAS ONCE LOST WILL BE FOUND. As the VP of Kings of Retribution MC, I live and breathe this life. After suffering the loss of two women in my life, I grew cold and indifferent to the idea of love. I don't need to let anyone in. I've seen the aftermath it can leave in its wake. The last thing I'm looking for is someone to fill the void. Until-Bella Jameson Struggling to keep my head above water, my only concern is…

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    Depends on Who’s Asking by Lani Lynn Vale

    Rating: Depends on Who’s Asking by Lani Lynn Vale Series: SWAT Generation 2.0 #12 Genres: Romantic Suspense It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…nope. No. Nuh-uh. That’s a lie. The moment that Caro wakes up, she knows that she’s not alone. One thump-thump from the living room and she quickly moves into action. One 9-1-1 call later, and she’s ready to defend herself. Only, she gets more than she bargains for when she steps out into her living room and comes face to face with a living, breathing nightmare. And isn’t it just fitting that the man that saves her by…

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    Nobody Knows by Lani Lynn Vale

    Rating: Nobody Knows by Lani Lynn Vale Series: SWAT Generation 2.0 #11 Genres: Romantic Suspense All he ever wanted was to matter to someone. What he didn’t know was that he did matter to someone. Someone that worried about him every single day that he was gone. * * * Malachi Gabriel Gnocchi was missing for two years. Thanks to a mission gone wrong, not only had he been captured, but his best friend along with his fellow teammates had been taken, too. He spent two years in hell, hoping and praying that one day he’d get to go home. And one day he does. Only, he isn’t the same…