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    Bestseller by Delta James

    Rating: Bestseller by Delta James Genres: Romantic Fantasy She needs a hero. He only wants her. As fiction crashes into reality, the lines blur when the hero from the pages of Sage Matthews’ bestselling steamy romance novel, Roark Samuels, emerges to save her from the brink of death. Unbelievably, Sage and Roark come face-to-face with the opportunity to explore their deepest desires by creating their own sinful imaginings but also giving themselves a chance to write their own happily ever after. Can the Hero truly save his Creator, or will this turn into a tragedy instead of the happy ending for their own best seller? Buy the Book Add to…

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    Tyro by Tasha Black

    Rating: Tyro by Tasha Black Series: Alien Adoption Agency #3 Genres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Phoebe has nothing but her secrets. Her alien protector is determined to lay them bare. Phoebe arrives on the moon of Clotho with a trunk full of secrets and an imagination filled with preconceived notions about life on the frontier. She’s more than ready to scrap and fight for her own piece of farmland, and a future for the little one she is adopting. When her new land turns out to be underwater, and the baby shows up in the strapping arms of an Invicta dragon-guard, Phoebe doubles down on her promise to herself to live…

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    Kade by Tasha Black

    Rating: Kade by Tasha Black Series: Alien Adoption Agency #2 Genres: Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance She’s the target of an intergalactic bounty hunt. But he’s going to capture her heart. Aurora Day is running from a crime she didn’t commit – or at least, she didn’t mean to commit. But the intergalactic soldiers on the hunt for the woman known as the Fox don’t care about the details. Hiding out on the remote frontier moon of Clotho is her only hope for survival. But to gain access, she has to adopt an alien baby. Aurora is shocked when she learns that a dragon warrior of the Invicta is part of the…