• My Magical Life to Live by Brenda Trim at Wickedly Romance

    My Magical Life to Live by Brenda Trim | Book Review

    Rating: My Magical Life to Live Series: Midlife Witchery #4 Genres: Paranormal Women's Fiction There's no magic in any realm that can fix this mess. I've just got to dig in and get to work. One day I'm fighting beside my best friends in the Fae realm, and the next I can't light a candle without burning down my house. I always thought witches weren't supposed to have hot flashes unless we were cursed. But then the day came when I discovered that I'm cursed. How? Well, the pandering ex and the nearly-empty nest would be bad enough on their own. But did I mention the demonic assassin who's set…

  • A Haunting Midlife at Wickedly Romance

    A Haunting Midlife by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff | Review

    Rating: A Haunting Midlife Series: Witching After Forty #3 Genres: Paranormal Romance Ava Harper may be a raiser of the dead and a not-so-famous author, but she isn’t a vampire hunter. Not even close. With the decision made to stay in Shipton Harbor, she returns to the home she shared with her deceased husband in Pennsylvania to put it on the market. But saying goodbye to the memories of the home they raised their son in is a lot harder than it had sounded in her head. In the months she’s been in Shipton, new neighbors moved in across the street from her Philly home. Now, Ava has nothing against…

  • Magical Makeover by Brenda Trim at Wickedly Romance

    Magical Makeover by Brenda Trim | Book Review

    Rating: Magical Makeover Series: Mystical Midlife in Maine #1 Genres: Paranormal Women's Fiction Divorce comes as a relief when you discover your husband is a walking cliche and having an affair with a woman half your age. When life gives you lemons... give yourself a magical makeover! One day I'm married, living in the triangle, and working as a head nurse at one of the country's best hospitals. The next, I've shed a hundred and seventy-five pounds of idiot and find myself encountering ghosts, dragons and pixies while taking care of a sick patient. Losing my sanity didn't seem like the worst thing to happen since I moved back home…

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    Bestseller by Delta James

    Rating: Bestseller Genres: Romantic Fantasy She needs a hero. He only wants her. As fiction crashes into reality, the lines blur when the hero from the pages of Sage Matthews’ bestselling steamy romance novel, Roark Samuels, emerges to save her from the brink of death. Unbelievably, Sage and Roark come face-to-face with the opportunity to explore their deepest desires by creating their own sinful imaginings but also giving themselves a chance to write their own happily ever after. Can the Hero truly save his Creator, or will this turn into a tragedy instead of the happy ending for their own best seller? Buy the Book Add to Goodreads I received…