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Ruby Dixon Check-In + Giveaway 1

Have you been reading along with us? This month we are reading Bound to the Battle God by Ruby Dixon. It is a book that I selected for not only its length but also because I love Ruby Dixon. she is one of my favorite authors.

When I went to my neighbor’s apartment to investigate strange sounds, I never expected to fall through a portal into another world. Yet here I am, a stranger in an even stranger land…and I’m stranded. In this world, might makes right, men carry swords, and gods walk the earth. Within minutes of arriving, I’m enslaved.

Fun place.

How do I get home? GREAT question. Wish I had an answer.

The one person that might be able to help me is also the one person I want to throttle most. Aron, Lord of Storms, Butcher God of Battle, is my new companion. Or rather, I’m his. As Aron’s anchor to the mortal realm, I’m the one that’s supposed to be guiding him through his exile in the mortal world.

Ha. Joke’s on him. I know nothing about this place.

But Aron and I have a common goal – get home. And we’re bonded – anchor and god – with a bond unlike any other. So we travel together. We bicker. We bathe together. We fight our many, many enemies together. And sure, he’s a god, but he’s also an arrogant jerk. Brawny, smoking hot, irresistible jerk. I should want nothing to do with him. I certainly shouldn’t want to do things to him.

Mortals and gods don’t mix. We stick to the plan and ignore our attraction. Focused, with one goal in mind. 

One task. One goal.


I—oh heck, I’m going to end up kissing him again, aren’t I?


Okay, let me just say that I don’t know if I would go through that door. I’m just saying. You’re hearing noises from an apartment next door. You find out things that really don’t make sense and you still want to go find out what is going on? Don’t go through the door! Don’t look! Ever horror movie ever began the same way.

Y’all know I’m right. I would sit myself outside that door (or hide under my bed if I could fit there) for hours imagining all sorts of things. The worst is not only does she go and look but she ends up in another world because of it. OMG!!! Can I just say that her first thoughts while in that world is awesome. I would feel the same way.


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  • Aline Azevedo

    I’m a huge fan of Ruby Dixon’s work and I plan on starting this book ASAP!
    I’m already reading the Ice Planet Barbarians Series, but I’m anxious to start this one, so I’ll end up with tons of Ruby’s books in my Kindle!

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