• A Haunting Midlife at Wickedly Romance

    A Haunting Midlife by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff | Review

    Rating: A Haunting Midlife by Lia Davis, L.A. Boruff Series: Witching After Forty #3 Genres: Paranormal Romance Ava Harper may be a raiser of the dead and a not-so-famous author, but she isn’t a vampire hunter. Not even close. With the decision made to stay in Shipton Harbor, she returns to the home she shared with her deceased husband in Pennsylvania to put it on the market. But saying goodbye to the memories of the home they raised their son in is a lot harder than it had sounded in her head. In the months she’s been in Shipton, new neighbors moved in across the street from her Philly home.…

  • Bloody Kingdom by Kayleigh King Book Review at Wickedly Romance

    Bloody Kingdom by Kayleigh King | Book Review

    Rating: Bloody Kingdom by Kayleigh King Series: The Crimson Crown #1 Genres: Paranormal Romance This isn’t a fairytale. I dethroned Prince Charming long ago. They call me the King of darkness and death. Ruler of the underworld. My reign is ruthless, my word is the law. If I want it, I take it, regardless of the bloodshed. But then she walks into my life. I don’t want her, I need her. She can fight, she can beg, but her fate is sealed. Until her debt is paid, she’s mine. She ran from her old life, but she can’t outrun me. Welcome to my Bloody Kingdom, Quincey Page Buy the Book…

  • Lycans Blood Queen at Wickedly Romance

    Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward | Book Review

    Rating: Lycan's Blood Queen by Catherine Edward Series: Randolph Duology #1 Genres: Paranormal Romance Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother’s brutal death at the hands of Vampires. But when a suspicious student takes up resident on his turf, he can’t help but be drawn to her despite knowing what she is. Taken into custody by the ruling family of Brookedge, Mia’s life is complicated by the whole different world of mythical creatures living among humans. Now she must survive the impending civil war between old rivals, all the while learning about her true self and the power she holds. Torn between…

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    Tyro by Tasha Black

    Rating: Tyro by Tasha Black Series: Alien Adoption Agency #3 Genres: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Phoebe has nothing but her secrets. Her alien protector is determined to lay them bare. Phoebe arrives on the moon of Clotho with a trunk full of secrets and an imagination filled with preconceived notions about life on the frontier. She’s more than ready to scrap and fight for her own piece of farmland, and a future for the little one she is adopting. When her new land turns out to be underwater, and the baby shows up in the strapping arms of an Invicta dragon-guard, Phoebe doubles down on her promise to herself to live…

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    Maid for the Beast by Grace Goodwin

    Rating: Maid for the Beast by Grace Goodwin Series: Interstellar Brides: The Beasts #2 Genres: Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance An Atlan Warlord in Mating Fever with two choices: Be the latest bachelor beast on an Earth reality television show to find his perfect mate or face certain death in an Atlan prison. Braun's not sure which is worse... until a female enters his hotel suite with towels and cleaning supplies. She isn't part of the television show. She isn't available. She isn't interested in mating with an alien. She isn't his. Try telling that to his beast, because one look at the maid and Braun knows he will do anything... anything,…

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    Kade by Tasha Black

    Rating: Kade by Tasha Black Series: Alien Adoption Agency #2 Genres: Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance She’s the target of an intergalactic bounty hunt. But he’s going to capture her heart. Aurora Day is running from a crime she didn’t commit – or at least, she didn’t mean to commit. But the intergalactic soldiers on the hunt for the woman known as the Fox don’t care about the details. Hiding out on the remote frontier moon of Clotho is her only hope for survival. But to gain access, she has to adopt an alien baby. Aurora is shocked when she learns that a dragon warrior of the Invicta is part of the…