REVIEW: Out of the Blue by Lila Rose

REVIEW: Out of the Blue by Lila Rose

REVIEW: Out of the Blue by Lila Rose
Out of the Blue by Lila Rose

At forty, Lan Davis is looking for his damned picket fence and 2.5 kids. What he doesn’t expect is instead of a wife in the picture, his mind keeps conjuring up images of two men. One, his partner in the force, who is as straight as they came, the other an ex, who he’d hurt but never forgot.

After an incident leaves Lan injured, the two men rally around him… only maybe they shouldn’t have. It seems a medicated Lan is a truthful one.

Parker Wilding is pissed at the world. His anger builds when his partner refuses medical care after an attack. Instead, Lan entrusts his neighbour to take care of him—a guy Parker doesn’t trust. While he’s aware they share a history, when the past is revealed, the truth shocks the hell out of him.

Being emotionally crushed ten years ago, Easton Ravel hoped he would never have to see the man who broke him again. Hope is a fickle b*itch. And now he’s not sure how to handle being face-to-face with the man he once loved. Add in the mix the annoying, testy Parker, and Easton finds his limits are pushed.

Just not in the way he thought they would be.

What happens next sure does come out of the blue.

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This is one that I had been waiting to read. We met Lan and Parker in various Hawks MC books. They are both detectives as well as honorary members of the MC. Easton and Lan had a brief relationship years ago. Lan, however wasn’t ready to come out of the closet and did something horrible. Fast forward they find themselves as neighbors. When Easton steps in to help Lan when he needs it their relationship is rekindled. The problem is neither can stop thinking about Parker. Parker who is as straight as they come is having a hard time as well. He has been thinking about Easton and Lan way more than he should. That leaves him confused and angry. He isn’t sure what he should be feeling or what to do.

This book is one of the reasons I love Lila Rose. Every story is written with such depth and emotions that you can’t help but feel for the characters. As angry as Parker made me at times I could understand where he was coming from. By the end I couldn’t wait for them to work things out and have their happily every after. We do get a brief moment or two with Julian in this book. If you haven’t met Julian yet….you are in for a treat. Also what is up with Nancy? I love her and would love to know if anything happens!




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