REVIEW: Armed and Inked by M.S. Swegan

REVIEW: Armed and Inked by M.S. Swegan
Armed and Inked by M.S. Swegan
Genres: Contemporary Romance


I'm the new piercer at my friends tattoo shop, and business is good. Truth be told that when I took this job, I didn't expect it would change my life, but here we are. I mean it's my dream job, so easy right?


When the owner's sister comes back from college to assume her role as part owner, in charge of advertising and office work, I find that I might just be screwed.

She awakens something inside of me, and even though I've tried, I just can't shake her. I've never felt this way about anyone before, especially not like this.

I want her, and once I find out she might feel the same way, someone tries to destroy this once in a lifetime chance at forever.
Our lives are on the line, but I won't go down without a fight. I'll die if I have to, just to see that she lives.


I came home from school ready to work and help out around the shop. I thought I would be able to fall right back into things, just like before I left, but I never expected I'd fall this hard.

Working around Dylan is dangerous, only because I can't think of anything else but him. He consumes every thought, every feeling, and most of all every square inch of my heart.

Then one day someone rips me away from my new life and I don't think I can survive it.

I've tried so hard to fight this and break free, but I'm losing my grip.
I know deep down he'll save me, he has to, because if not I'm going to have to let this nightmare come to an end.

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This book was slow for me. The characters were written well but I had a hard time finishing it. I hate that too because I wanted to love it yet I just couldn’t. Although this was a new author for me I will certainly be looking for her other works.


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  • Christy dubois

    I am not familiar with this author. I USUALLY give aN average book A 100 pages before i decide if it is just too slow and put it down. One book that wAs 1000 pages at 100 pages i decided to give it 200 pages since it was a long book and am so glad i did. It was one of the best books ive read. My spell checj doesnt work on this site so i alologize if the errors make it difficult to read.

    • Rita

      No worries about the spell check not working but thanks for letting me know so I can look into it. I will read the entire book even when it is slow just to see if I end up liking it. I have had that happen in the past.

  • heather

    I like that it sounds a little different from the norm. I love your honest review, I hate it when I don’t want to finish a book or when I get bored.

  • Nancy E Loring

    I am glad to hear that just because you felt this book was a little slow you are willing to read and review oyher books by this author.

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