Pastry and Poison by Carole Fowkes | Book Review

Pastry and Poison by Carole Fowkes | Book Review
Pastry and Poison Series: A Terrified Detective Mystery #7
Genres: Cozy Mystery

Bakers around the city are dying from exquisitely decorated but deadly pastries. PI Claire's former boss, bakery owner Gloria Valducci, loses her head pastry chef when he takes a big bite of a delicious looking tart and drops dead. The police are baffled, including Claire's fiance, Police Detective Brian Corrigan and his annoyingly sexy new partner.

Gloria is convinced she's next on the list and hires Claire to find the killer. Claire struggles to get one step ahead of the murders, but when she gets so close she can smell the vanilla, the murderer turns the tables. Claire gets a taste of being the hunted and must fight for her life against a cunning and ruthless killer.

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This is my first book by Carole Fowkes and it was a good cozy mystery. In this book meet Clair, a private investigator who is hired to find the killer of a local pastry chef. Even though I had not read any of the other books I found this one easy to read on its own. There is a bit of a love triangle that I felt I may have understood a bit more if I had read the other books but it doesn’t take anything away from the plot of this one.

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