Off Limits by Penny Dee

Off Limits by Penny Dee

Off Limits by Penny Dee
Off Limits by Penny Dee
Series: Kings of Mayhem #5
Genres: MC Romance

I’m about to break the biggest rule of all.


I was sixteen when she was born.

The niece of my best friend.

An angel with bright blue eyes and hair the color of night.

Through the years I’ve seen her grow from an adorable dimpled cupid into a strong, independent beauty.

Into a goddess.

A temptress.

Fate has brought us together.

But she is off limits.

I’ve got no business wanting her.

No business at all.


For years I’ve crushed on him.

An older man who makes me tremble.

A biker King whose arms I want to get lost in.

Whose body I can only dream about touching.

Whose lips I’m dying to taste.

I shouldn’t want him.

But I do.

I shouldn’t lust after him.

But tell that to my poor hopeless heart.

I should stay away.

But I won’t.

Off Limits is book five in the Kings of Mayhem MC series. It can be read as a standalone. For readers 18+

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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

My Review

Ruger and Chastity have know each other for years. He’s sixteen years older than her and her uncle’s best friend. The same uncle who just happens to be the president of the Kings of Mayhem and Ruger’s deceased sister’s husband. Could this get any more complicated?

This book took us on a ride that I swear left me yelling “Get together already!” at my poor kindle. Chastity knew what she wanted and didn’t want to shy away from it. Ruger on the other hand thought she was too young for him and she deserved better. When they do finally get together she wants to keep it a secret from her uncle and brothers for a while.

Then there is Ruger’s ex who I wanted to throat punch more than once. Oh and her sister needed to be just straight up punched in the face. When the ex’s lies come out I had hoped that her sister would get her just desserts as well but maybe karma got her anyway. In the face of everything with Ruger’s ex I have to hand it to Chastity. She hanled that better than I did and with a grace that few women would have managed. I didn’t expect that from the princess of the Kings.

She only had one meltdown which after all that happened that day she deserved. I also love how she puts her uncle in his place when the crap hits the fan. Although I love he reasons behind not wanting any of the MC guys to ever touch his niece. This book is full of emotion and these two deserved the happy they found with one another. I loved it from beginning to end!


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About Penny Dee

Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. She believes true love never runs smoothly, and her characters realize this too, with a boatload of drama and a whole lot of steam.

She found her happily ever after in Australia where she lives with her husband, daughter and a dog named Bindi.

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  1. Penny dee is another one of my favorites and never disappoints! I love the older guy/younger girl stories..very hot! I know this will be ah mazing!

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