October Featured Author: Khole Wren

I will admit that I have only read one series of Khole Wren’s but I love it and I think y’all will enjoy it as well. The characters are all very well written and I enjoy each book when it comes out. The Charon MC is filled with rough men but they are so hot and sexy let me tell you!

Flick joined the FBI to get answers behind her brother’s dishonorable discharge and abandonment of his family. She knows that Taz was with him on his last mission so she agrees to work to take down a different MC. However when everyone’s secrets come to light it leaves an emotional hurricane in it’s wake. This one brutal at times. Towards the end after the secrets are revealed, I want to cry for taz. I really do because he is that sad. This is one that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Tiny is drawn to Missy the newest club girl but I love that she isn’t written as cheap or disgusted. The fact that she is escaped from a commune is brilliant for this book. It’ s a turn we don’t see considering she’s a club girl. I love that Missy is able to find some happiness with Tiny. They both deserve it and she is much more than want she did with her body in the past. This is well written and not cheap to use the word again.

Zara has narcolepsy and cataplexy attacks which helps and hurts her at times. It helps when the cafe she is in gets shot up because the shooters think she is dead. She survives and ends up in the same town as the Charon MC. Mac is immediately drawn to Zara and things just heat up from there. Mac is one of the easiest men in the MC to like. He’s a former Marine and has no problem following orders but can take charge when he needs to.

Scout and Marie took a long time to come together. Now they have and are having a baby which should make them overjoyed. However when another MC attacks the women Marie ends up in the hospital. That leaves Scout to handle the trouble and take care of Ariel the little girl they adopted. This book is full of emotion and a lot is dealt with. We gets everyone’s point of view including little Ariel who is still adjusting to not being scared. She didn’t grow up in a stable environment the first few years of her life and Scout struggles a little to help her. If you read no other book, read this one.

Meet the Author

About Khole Wren

USA Today best selling author, Khloe Wren lives in rural South Australia with her husband, two daughters and an ever changing list of animals! She started writing seven years ago and has published over 25 books since then in the romantic suspense genre. She writes both paranormal and contemporary stories, including her best selling series Charon MC. Khloe enjoys writing outside of the box and she loves her heroes strong, and her heroines even stronger.



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    1. It is really good, although I would suggest reading SAving Scout first. It is the book where they first get together and will give you the backstory for this one.

  1. I haven’t read any of her books yet but they all sound really good, I’m particularly looking forward to checking out this series… I love a good MC book!!

  2. I haven’t read any of her books yet but they all sound very interesting. I would like to read Scout’s Legacy first.

  3. I do not have a favorite Khole Wren book yet but Chasing Taz sure looks like one I would like and I love the cover too.

  4. This is a new author for me. This MC series sounds sooooo good. I love finding new authors to try. Thanks for the rec! 🙂

  5. Wow love the sound of Scouts Legacy and the cover is the best. This is a new author for me so thank you for the breakdown of the books I was wondering if they have to be read in order.

  6. I haven’t read any books by her yet, even though it’s not in order I think I would try Scout’s Legacy first.

  7. I haven’t read any of her books yet, but I am intrigued by Scout’s Legacy. I like that we get everyone’s POV including Ariel’s.

  8. Scouts Legacy sounds like the type of story I would enjoy. I’ve not read one of Khole Wren’s books before but I’m looking forward to it now.

  9. Brand new author for me, but I think I’d enjoy any of these books! I think I’ll start with Scout’s Legacy.

  10. I like being introduced to new authors and appreciate your monthly feature. I would probably start with Saving Scout then Scouts Legacy.

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