Never a Saint by Lila Rose

Never a Saint by Lila Rose

Never a Saint by Lila Rose
Never a Saint Series: Polished P & P #2
Genres: MM Romance

Kylo Lee, prospect to the Diamond MC, makes a career shift to help better his future. He doesn’t know it will change him in more ways than one, and it’s all to do with a certain man who confuses and annoys him, while sending his emotions wild.

Just when everything is falling into place, life takes a turn down a road where Kylo doesn’t want to go. His past comes back to bite him in the ass. Pain surrounds him and all that can make him happy is vengeance, and the man who surprisingly still stands at his side.

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I love Lila Rose and if you have read any of her other books you know that sometimes guys have trouble when they suddenly like other guys for the first time. Zion “Saint” Storey was not that way at all. He knew he felt something for Zylo that he had never felt for anyone else and nothing was going to stand in his way. His openness made him such a fun character.

Saint is Luca’s older brother whom we met in Wreak Me Forever. He was straight and a bit of a playboy. He’s a member of Diamond MC and part owner of Polished P & P. It was in an interview with Kylo for a job that he felt a change in his thoughts and feelings for Kylo.

There was just something there and something about Kylo that made Saint know he had to have him. That Kylo was his and that was it. While you can read this one on its own I highly suggest you read the first one.


“Kylo,” he called. I looked to him as he walked back to where he’d left his phone. Then he had my eyes again. He put a knee to the bed, leaned over, and pressed his lips to my shoulder.
“Night,” he said, and looked up at me.
I cleared my thick throat.
He’d kissed my shoulder.
My skin.
“Yeah, night.” I nodded. He grinned, straightened, and walked from the room.
What the hell was that all about?
Why did he do that?
This was fucking weird. He made no sense. I scrubbed a hand over my face. 


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