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Normally I do these sort of posts on Fridays but it just seemed to work out well with the giveaway that is going on so I figured why not? Before I get started on my love of shifter romances I need to thank thanks to The Mommy Island, and The Kids Did It. Halloween is happening this month and is there anything better? I thought I would share with you five of my favorite shifter books to get you into the spirit of the season.

I will tell you that this is simply my top five favorites at the moment. No matter how often I read these books, there are times when my list will change. That is something all bookworms face. The ever changing favorites list. Just a little FYI…. you can click on the covers to check out the books on Amazon.

Kim and Liam are two of my favorite people. Well, technically Liam is a big cat shifter but you get the idea. Kim is a lawyer determined to prove that a shifter could not have killed a human. While Liam is trying to protect those around him. From the moment he meets Kim he feels something for her and knows that she brings nothing but trouble. There are some serious feels in this book. Liam leaves in a shifter town, in a house full of guys who are so excited about Kim being a part of the family.

“The house swallowed them. Dylan put his hands on Kim’s and Liam’s shoulders. “The Goddess bless you both.” He kissed Kim’s forehead. “Thank you Kim.” He smiled and walked away. Liam watched him, his heart full. “Is he thanking me for getting pregnant?” Kim asked. “It wasn’t difficult, with all the sex we kept having. You did as much as I did.”

-Pride Mates

This was originally published as Love at First Roar and in this both Kira and Issac are shifters. She is a mole shifter while Issac is a bear. She is a little bit (a lot) blind and has some family issues. While Issac is the clan healer who was badly injured in a battle. The scars have made it hard for him to move forward in life and he is looking to move when he meets Kira. I mean come on! He has scars that she can’t see! How could you not love these two? They were simply meant to be. Even if her dog keeps peeing all over his stuff and Issac wonders if he and the dog should take a walk in the woods to discuss it.

“We all have scars. Some on the outside and some on the inside.” Another shrug. “But we have them.” “Where are yours?” Kira gave him a rueful smile. “Both.” That was not the answer he wanted. Though it was one he should have expected.”

-Chased by the Bear

T.S. Joyce is one of the queens of shifter romance. I can always count on her to deliver and this book is so sweet and awesome. Rory and Cody (he’s a bear shifter and she is human) have a one night stand. She leaves and later discovers she’s pregnant. Once she figures out her little boy is more than meets the eye she returns to Cody to find the answers she needs. I love how protected she is of her son. Cody and his brothers are all pretty amazing as well. Oh so is Roy’s aunt. She’s hilarious.

“Breck Crew,” Boone called out. “Lift your drinks because today our family grew by two. Your alpha is bonded!”

-Bear My Soul

If you are looking for a few laughs as well hotness then look no further. I mean this starts off with the heroine cutting off the hero’s hair. He happens to be a lion shifter and king of his pride. His mane is kind of a big deal for him! This is the book I read again and again when I am in the mood for some romance but lots of laughs and fun as well. This pride knows how to have a good time!

“A meddling mother who pounded at the door and yelled, “Arik Theodore Antoine Castiglione, I know you’re in there.”

Kira shouted, “Hey, Norma, fancy you showing up,” before humming the theme to Psycho.

As his mother screamed in rage, Arik laughed. And laughed.”

-When an Alpha Purrs

This is a good read if you are looking for instant love. Sophie has left England and her very British family to cook at a logging camp in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing could go wrong, right? Cage Rochan runs the family logging business and hires Sophie sight unseen. It takes a day before they meet face to face and lets just say that neither expected what would happen. Nor the hospital visit it involved.

“She has no idea who we are and I need to figure out how to tell her before we can take the next step.” “How about, hey baby, I’m a bear, rawr,” Wyatt offered, making claws with his fingers. “Or how about, hey honey, sometimes I get hairy and like to rub my big butt on trees to scratch an itch?” Conner offered bending over laughing at his hilarity. “Either both of you find something to do or I’m telling mom your interfering in”

-Bearly Cooking



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