My Magical Life to Live by Brenda Trim | Book Review

My Magical Life to Live by Brenda Trim | Book Review

My Magical Life to Live by Brenda Trim | Book Review
My Magical Life to Live Series: Midlife Witchery #4
Genres: Paranormal Women's Fiction

There's no magic in any realm that can fix this mess. I've just got to dig in and get to work.

One day I'm fighting beside my best friends in the Fae realm, and the next I can't light a candle without burning down my house.

I always thought witches weren't supposed to have hot flashes unless we were cursed.

But then the day came when I discovered that I'm cursed.

Well, the pandering ex and the nearly-empty nest would be bad enough on their own.
But did I mention the demonic assassin who's set his sights on me too?
I told you, I'm cursed.

I'm also done with letting life just happen to me. Nothing has been the same in Cottlehill Wilds since my best friend Fiona showed up. Me included.
Fate better stand up and take notice. This witch is just getting better with age.

At forty-four, I know who I am. I have what it takes to fix my wild magic, deal with this killer demon, and save the supernaturals who call my small English town home.

And I can do it all despite the wild magical flares, the stray chin hair, and my new wrinkle.

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Fiona friends are back with a murderer on the prowl and are doing their best to track him (r her) down. After all the council is trying to pin it on Violet (whose point of view this story is told)! With a little help from Phoebe they learn more about UIS who hunt demons. Violet is on the demon’s radar and no one knows why. Enter UIS agent Thanos and decides that maybe he needs the BOF’s help with the demon hunting.

We get a lot in this book, such as learning Aislinn’s secret and the chemistry between Violet and Thanos. I loved the chemistry with Thanos and Violet so much but once his job is finished he has to take the demon back to the underworld and we are left wondering if he will return.
While that made perfect sense with the story and he could easily return in the next book it left me a little sad. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

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