May Contain Wine by Lani Lynn Vale

May Contain Wine by Lani Lynn Vale

May Contain Wine by Lani Lynn Vale
May Contain Wine Series: SWAT Generation 2.0 #5
Genres: Romantic Suspense

This is for charity. This is for fun. You are a professional. You can do it.
Those are the words that Calloway Alvarez chants to herself as she watches all the large men gather into the small room where she’ll be doing the interviews for her employer—Hero Magazine.
Honestly, she’s convinced herself that she can’t accomplish the task at hand.
That is until she hears his voice, and her head turns to see him standing there.
Louis Spurlock. Greek god. SWAT officer. Keeper of her secrets. Ultimate fantasy. Man who will break her heart.
Louis Spurlock has been playing nice.
He’s been biding his time, giving Calloway the space she thinks she needs.
But then he sees her taking photos of his friends in all states of dress, talking to them all as if they’re best friends, and that little thread of control he’d been managing to hold onto unravels.
Let’s change it up, she says. And the moment the words are out of her mouth, he’s stripping to his skivvies, and throwing out a challenge while he’s at it.
Calloway won’t know what hit her when he’s through playing.
But he does know one thing for sure. When it ends, she’ll be his.

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Calloway and Louis are perfect for one another. They really are! They dated when they were younger but Louis broke up with Calloway before leaving for boot camp. A mistake he knew he had made within minutes of making it. A mistake he has spent years trying to correct. I honestly think they needed the time they spent apart in order to become they couple they would become. I will say that Calloway can hold a grudge, that’s for sure.

This book picks up not long after the previous book but of course as always can be read a lone (what is the fun in that!) A lot happens in this book and the biggest problem I’m having is writing my review without giving any spoilers. Like I want to tell you I didn’t see the crazy person coming. I didn’t expect it to be who it was. The old man in the book is awesome and is Lynn the same Lynn from other books or I am just projecting? Finally, I’m gonna need more information on Beckham (Louis’ sister) and her mystery guy.

Got you interested yet? See, there is so much you are missing by not reading this book. One of the best things about Lani Lynn Vale’s books is that we always get a little look at future couple, Booth and Bourne are in for a wild ride. We also meet characters that we love and want more of like Beckham. This book was no different. It is the perfect addition to this series and of course my current favorite until the next one comes out.

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