Lost King by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

Lost King by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Lost King by Sandy Alvarez, Crystal Daniels
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC Montana #5
Genres: MC Romance

The funny thing about fate—about life, is you never know what the next day holds. Live with no regrets.

Quinn Beckett, Sergeant At Arms for the Kings of Retribution MC knows life is all about what you make of it. He has dedicated years to his club, his family, his community and the members he calls his brothers. For Quinn, he couldn’t imagine life getting much better.
Until a chance meeting a couple of years ago with a bright, attractive doctor altered his course in life. She became his only desire—his obsession.
Quinn wanted nothing more than to make Emerson his.

To outsiders Emerson Evans had all the things in life you could ever hope for; family, friends and a great career, but what they didn’t know was she wasn’t happy. All her life she chased dreams—dreams that were only partly her own. Being a doctor means everything to her, but she finds herself longing for more out of life.
Including wanting a sexy, long-haired biker, who happens to be part of the local MC.
The very Club that fate decided was to be a part of her life.
She could never have foreseen that giving her heart away and loving a man so fiercely would be the source of strength she would lean on when the unexpected happens.

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Finally Quinn and Emerson get their book. I had been waiting for them and they did not disappoint in any way. Quinn is the guy who always has a joke and can make anyone laugh. This is certainly super hot and steamy as we all knew Quinn would be.

Quinn is as funny as ever and Emerson is the perfect woman to balance him out. She challenges him in a way he isn’t used to. It’s good for him but her as well. Quinn takes control and allows Emerson to give up some of her and not always have to the one making all the decisions all the time.

However it is a bit darker than the others at times too. Quinn is kidnapped by a rival MC and things get edge of seat scary. Quinn is the guy you can’t imagine anyone hating and it’s easy to forget he’s in an MC at times. However the Kings don’t take one of theirs being taken too lightly either. Having this happen balances out this story. Without the seriousness of this is would a bit cheesy and over the top. This book is why Sandy Alvarez and crystal Daniels are such a great writing team.

About Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels is the other half of the writing duo behind the widely popular MC series The Kings of Retribution MC

About Sandy Alvarez

Sandy Alvarez is a romance author who co/writes with her sister Crystal Daniels. She loves writing about sexy alpha men and the women who love them. Her current series is The Kings Of Retribution Mc.

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