Just One Scandal by Carly Phillips | Book Review

Just One Scandal by Carly Phillips | Book Review
Just One Scandal Series: The Kingston Family #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance

A jilted bride. Her brother’s ex-buddy. An affair would be crazy…right?

Chloe Kingston’s life is exactly how she needs it: safe and stable. Right up until her reliable, low-risk fiancé jilts her on their fairy-tale wedding day. As she works her way through the reception champagne—and wonders where she’s going to live—she stumbles into her brother Linc’s ex-best friend.

If only Beckett Daniels were hideous. But he’s not. He’s everything her erstwhile groom was not. Hot. Sexy. Dangerous. And she’s just buzzed enough to want all that Greek-god gorgeousness to show her the kind of fun she’s been missing.

Beck thrives on calculated risks, but taking advantage of Linc’s little sister isn’t one of them. What he can do is haul her tipsy, tulle-clad, tempting little butt to the bridal suite to sleep it off. Then move her into his spare room—which has the satisfying side effect of driving her brother crazy.

They can’t remain platonic roommates for long. Not when the sexual attraction sizzles out of control. But when tragedy threatens Beck, pain from his past reminds them both that life doesn’t come without risks…and this time, they’re gambling with their hearts.

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I have read Carly Phillips in the past but it has been a while and this is the first book this series that I have read. I will say that I enjoyed so much. I can’t remember why I stopped reading her now, it must have been she simply slipped through the cracks in my pile.

This is a spin-off of her Dare family series which I haven’t read either. You can read this one without having read any of the other books but I always say reading the previous makes reading the current more fun.

Chole is left at the alter and decides to party at her already paid for reception. That is where she meets Beckett Daniels, her brother’s former best friend, who happens to come to her rescue when things get out of hand. Things get interesting from there and I must say I was scandalized in the best possible way.

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