Ground Zero by April Canavan| Book Review

April Canavan is bringing us a new series and let me tell you I was so excited! She certainly didn't disappoint and now we are getting all of the hot firefighters of Birch County!

Ground Zero by April Canavan| Book Review
Ground Zero by April Canavan
Series: Birch Fire Department #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense

Ground Zero: The center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity

I carried her lifeless body out of a burning building.
One that collapsed on top of us, forcing us to fight for survival.
Where she gave her life so that I could live.
That nightmare wasn’t the happy ending I thought I’d find in the flames.
Turns out, it wasn’t our ending at all.
It was the beginning of our story.
The one where I fell in love without ever knowing her name...
Or the destruction she would thrust into my path.

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April Canavan takes a reader and just jerks every emotion possible from them! I swear, I cry more in her books than any other I have ever read. They are so great!! This is certainly the way you start a series. The fire just adds a little more excitement to the whole story.

Nia and Josh meet before they learn they will work at the same firehouse together. It is one of those great ways of having characters meet. You get that “Oh no!” moment and this one was good. I loved that Nia is the one who is wary of being in a relationship. She has her reasons and it is a bit heartbreaking when we learn them. The chemistry between these two is as hot as any other April Canavan couple and I love that we get to see some of our favorites from previous BPD series.

We also meet Richard, a little boy, who just will tear your heart out. I don’t want to give away any details but let me just say you have to read this book for him if for no other reason. The quote below is something he says.

“You ran into the house to save Carly.” His voice caught. “And he just ran in to save us. He got us out. And then he hit his head. So you should be quiet. Let them sleep. Heroes need it.”

April Canavan, Ground Zero

I will say that the kids in all of April Canavan’s books are just so wonderfully written. She could have just written them as side characters who don’t really do more than little kids do. However, she gave them depth and character. Richard is just wonderful. Lyla acts the way a young niece does when her aunt suddenly has someone new her life. Then the moment or two with Nox and Bee was like getting to see your favorite niece and nephew at the holidays.


About April Canavan

I live on chaos and coffee, and you’ll find it running through every single one of my stories.

First of all, I absolutely abhor writing anything biographical. In any form. I’m terrible at it, and I have the very firm belief that no one wants to know who I am. You’re here for books, right? But that doesn’t mean I’m off the hook.

I grew up sneaking over to my great grandmother’s to read her Harlequin novels. Those were delivered once a month in a ginormous box, and from the age of ten, she let me devour them in their entirety. I fell in love with romance, even the clean kind. And that, undoubtedly, led to many days and nights with my face buried in a book and the discovery that I wasn’t happy unless my hair was up, and I had a story in my hand.

I never wanted to write. I wanted to read. ALL the words. Until someone pointed out to me that I’d been writing my entire life. I just needed to put the book in my hand down and pick up a pen.

Once I started, I found out that I couldn’t stop. Now, I’m always writing. Or reading. Or chasing my son through the house to get the elusive hug he thinks I don’t need.

Oh, and I’m a Leo… which is completely on-point if you know me at all. I love being the center of attention. On my terms. When I can stay at home in my pajamas. With lots and lots of coffee on hand. And maybe a few snacks.

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