Goodbye Wickedly Romance - Storied Conversation

You read that title correctly. You may have noticed that posts here were disappearing. That is because they have been moving slowly over to their new permanent home. When I first started Wickedly Romance I wanted a place to share my book reviews. I read mostly romance with a little mystery thrown in.

Back in October of last year I realized how limited I was in the books I was writing about. I could add more but then several authors and publishing houses didn’t want to work with me because my blog name suggested I was all about romance books. So I created a new space and began working on making it perfect.

Don’t worry I still write about mostly romance books over there but by changing my name I opened myself and my readers up to a wider genre. Soemthing I will be delivering on. So head on over to Storied Conversation and have a look around. I have a grand launch giveaway that is huge but there are plenty of other giveaways going on over there all month.

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