Fugitive by KE Osborn

Fugitive by KE Osborn

Fugitive by KE Osborn
Fugitive Series: Houston Defiance MC #3
Genres: MC Romance

The club took me in.
Even though I was a cop.
The moment I handed in my badge, I knew becoming an outlaw would change my life forever.
As an ex-cop turned biker, my job is to stay loyal. To the club and my brothers. That is my sole purpose. Even though the reason I joined is no longer with us.
Losing love is hard, but life must go on.
Especially for my kids.
Even if they're just out of reach.
Now I'm a fugitive, an outlaw, a ghost.
But I've run into someone I didn't see coming.
A ray of pure sunshine.
Just when I'd given up on family, now I'm ready to stand and fight.
But perhaps the battle is not where I think it lies.
Maybe my ray of sunshine will warm my life.
Or maybe the darkness surrounding her will freeze me to my very soul.
From International Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the highly anticipated third book in the Houston Defiance MC Series.

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This is the third book of the series and the first that I read. You can easily read this one without having read the other two although I highly recommend going back and reading them just so you have a better idea of some characters. That is my plan because I enjoyed this one so much.

I am a huge MC Romance fan and the Houston Defiance MC series along K.E. Osborn didn’t disappoint at all. Kevlar was a police officer before joining the MC. He fell in love with the president’s daughter whom he married, then she passed away.

When Kevlar goes to New Orleans to let some trouble blow over he meets Jovie and Savannah. Can I first say I love the Jovie? It is just so different. Anyway, after the trouble he’s ready to head home and ends up taking Jovie and Savannah with him.

There is so much emotion in this book and not just from the romance. This was so well written that I would certainly give it more than 5 starts if I could. I can’t wait to read of this series.


With my free hand, my pinky finger slides along Jovie’s. It’s not a massive move, but she turns to look at me, the corner of her lips turns upward. Keeping my eyes ahead, I thread my fingers with hers, taking her hand in mine, my skin tingling and sparking with electricity I haven’t felt before. I have no fucking clue what this is. I felt a connection with Em, which was deep, emotional, but whatever this is with Jovie, it’s not only emotional, it’s physical as well.

Like our bodies are attuned to each other.

Fuck, if it isn’t scary as all hell.

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