Every Day Is Saturday by Sarah Copeland

Every Day Is Saturday by Sarah Copeland
Every Day Is Saturday: Recipes + Strategies for Easy Cooking, Every Day of the Week Genres: Cookbook

From beloved cookbook author and recipe developer Sarah Copeland, Every Day Is Saturday brims with inspiration.

More than 100 beautiful recipes that make weeknight cooking a breeze, gorgeous food and lifestyle photography, and easy-to-follow tips for cooking delicious, healthful, sustaining food provide a joyous Saturday mentality of taking pleasure in food and occasion, whatever the day of the week.

Recipes cover every course, from breakfast to dessert, including dishes perfect for the life occasions of a busy family: potlucks, picnics, lazy Sundays, and casual dinners with friends. Here is a delightful and inspiring resource—in a bright and beautiful jacketed package—for weeknight cooks, weekend dreamers, and working parents who want to put great meals at the center of the table where their family gathers.

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I love the title to this cookbook! I am one of those people who through the week tend to do something simple and easy. Maybe not every night but most weeknights. The recipes in this book though changed how I thought about weeknight cooking.

There are recipes for every meal from breakfast to dinner to a potluck. I loved how the recipes were simple enough to use what I almost always had on hand. Yet the meals they made were elaborate in taste and looks.

I will admit that I purchased this particular cookbook after reviewing the kindle copy so I could take notes along the side as well as have a book to flip through when I am meal planning.

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  • Rust

    I always love getting my hands on a new cookbook, especially one that has lots of photos and interesting new recipes. This one sounds like a winner.

  • Betsy Barnes

    I love discovering new cookbooks and I really love the title of this cookbook! The cover of this book is very lovely too!

  • Nancy

    When I was very busy, I used to do all my weekly cooking on the weekends, so I had easy to warm up meals. Thanks for the review.

  • Mary Gardner

    I really enjoy cookbooks and especially those that use ingredients that I normally have on hand and that aren’t complicated. I think I would really like this book!

  • Dorothy Boucher

    This book sounds wonderful! I love learning new recipes and new ways to cook in the kitchen.

  • Ann

    This cookbook sounds great, and I love your review! I especially appreciate that you mention how the you generally have the ingredients already on-hand. This is so crucial to me! I can’t stand recipes that call for “1/4 cup of Random Flour That You Will Never Ever Use Again, and is Only Available at That One Store Across Town.” 😛

  • Linda

    I did get this book and found that the recipes were easy to follow for my mid-level skills. Thanks for your review to pointing me to it.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I like cookbooks. I always like an actual book, too, that I can hold in my hands and flip through.

  • Ann

    I love this cookbook’s title, too! The book sounds like it would make a very nice addition to my small (but slowly growing!) cookbook collection. I how that you mentioned that many of the recipes could be made using ingredients that you generally had on-hand.

  • Piroska

    This definitely looks like a book I need on my cookbook list. After 44 years of marriage, I’m totally out of ideas and energy regarding cooking.