Do You Follow Me on Social Media?

For those who are new to Wickedly Romance, I want to take a moment to thank you for checking me out. Also did y’all know that I often share other book releases, sales, etc on my social media? Book information that you never see here on the blog.

I do! I try to share something every day although it actually ends up being every few days some weeks. I get so many emails for requests to share the information and I am a part of some amazing marketing groups that I just don’t always have the time or space to share it all. However if you don’t follow me yet, take a moment to check me out on the sites listed below. Don’t worry, it’s fine if you choose not to. I know how much social media can suck you in.

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  1. I’ve been following you for a wile on Insta, but just picked up on facebook too! I love your reviews <3

    1. Thank you Kelly! I occasionally post to Twitter but it is on my list of social media to get into more with Wickedly Romance.

  2. I do. I usually follow someone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if I follow their blog.

    1. Thank you Victoria! I share all sorts of things over there that I never post here on the blog. For example Lani Lynn Vale had a cover reveal for a new book recently. One that even us avid readers didn’t know about. I shared it out as soon as it hit my email.

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