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December Featured Author: Abbie Zanders + Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop

I began reading Abbie Zanders years ago and just fell in love with her  Callaghan Brothers series. There was just something about them that I couldn’t put the books down. Since then I have read plenty of her other books but I thought I would share my favorites with y’all. Of course since this one is part of a giveaway hop I need to say a big thank you to The Mommy Island, and  The Kids Did It.

Kane and Rebecca are my all time favorite Callaghan couple. Kane is the oldest and the biggest of the brothers. He is super serious and you can totally see him as a Navy SEAL and recluse. He is also an investment banker/accountant for the family which seems out of place but works. He meets Rebecca while on a mission. Then she comes to Pine Ridge and they meet again. The moment that best describes their chemistry is the morning after they get married. Kane’s brother and wife knocks on their hotel room door. He answers wrapped in a towel with Rebecca wrapped in a sheet and his brother wonders if Kane had somehow gotten bigger overnight. The couple walk away to get dressed and his brother notices that Kane’s back in covered in scratches. His wife says “It’s always the quiet ones.”

Celina is a cousin o the Callaghan’s and she doesn’t seem to have that spark with her current boyfriend Jamie. She likes him but she knows they would better off being friends. Jamie asks his brother, Kyle, to meet her and give him some tips. Well, guess who there are sparks with? Yep, Kyle and let me tell you those sparks will melt your panties. Although there is a point where Kyle needs to be punched in the face.

This is one of Abbie Zanders paranormal romances and let me tell you I love this series. It is so good. Imagine if a vampire was unknowingly granted his wish of being human again for a single day? That’s what happens to Vlane when he meets Ana on the terrace of his home during a masquerade ball. Ana grants his wish without meaning to because she is a fairy godmother. There is so much that goes on in this book that it will leave you breathless. The other books are wonderful as well.

This is another paranormal and I loved this one so much I emailed Abbie Zanders to ask if she was going to write more in the series. She said she didn’t have any plans and I felt like crying. It’s a modern day take on the Greek gods. They are all living in the world today running a corporation. Nik Deimos is son of Ares and Aphrodite and his assistant Ellie seems immune to him. He knows she is meant to be his but the problem is she already has a husband. What’s a god to do? Talk to the fates is what!

Meet the Author

About Abbie Zanders

Abbie Zanders is a wife and mother of three (including a set of identical twins), born and raised in the mountains and valleys of Northeastern Pennsylvania. She has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Though she has spent the last 25+ years developing financial software for healthcare-based companies, she has also held second jobs as a pub waitress, a restaurant dessert baker, a secretary, and a bread shelf stock girl.

Hobbies and interests include romance novels (all genres), 80's hair bands and heavy metal, muscle cars, and really big dogs.

A voracious reader, she carries both a Nook and a Kindle with her at all times, as well as several mini-sized notebooks to jot down ideas when inspiration strikes. Writing is a life-long pursuit; it began somewhere in elementary school when she used to secretly draft scripts for then-popular TV shows, writing herself in as a main character, of course. Things have changed a lot since then - she now focuses on love stories for mature audiences - but her passion for writing remains the same.

She is both grateful and honored to be able to share her stories with those having a similar penchant for love stories, and promises her readers two things: no cliffhangers, and always happily ever afters.



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  • 5 Abbie ZandersBooks of Your Choice + $25 Amazon Gift Card {1 Winner}
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