Death of a Wicked Witch by Lee Hollis

Death of a Wicked Witch by Lee Hollis
Death of a Wicked Witch by Lee Hollis
Series: Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery #13
Genres: Cozy Mystery

Bar Harbor, Maine, is quieter in the off-season, but the population has just increased a bit with the arrival of Ted and Trudy Lancaster. Ted's taking over for a retiring minister, and Trudy runs a food truck called Wicked 'Wiches. When she stops in at the Island Times office to place an ad, Hayley happily devours the sample sub Trudy offers--and the two become fast friends.

When Trudy tragically dies in her truck while catering a Halloween party, suspicion falls on a cranky, competitive caterer who'd made veiled threats to Trudy. But the case becomes more complicated when Hayley's husband admits he'd seen someone dressed as a witch hurrying away from the food truck--not very helpful when countless women at the party wore the same costume. Now Hayley finds herself sandwiched between witches and witnesses as she considers a smorgasbord of suspects. If she finds the killer, she'll be a local hero . . .

Includes delectable recipes from Hayley's kitchen!

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This is book number thirteen in this series but I haven’t read any of the others. Honestly the title is what drew me in on NetGalley. It sounded so fun and I just wanted to read it. Lee Hollis is a brother/sister writing team and I will say I enjoyed their writing very much.

In this particular Hayley Powell Mystery we have a new couple moving into town. The husband a minister and his wife a food town owner. I loved the name of her truck; Wicked ‘Wiches. Doesn’t it sound awesome? She is sadly found dead in her truck while catering the local Halloween Ball.
Talk about a mystery! Everyone is wearing costumes so figuring out who is who takes a little work.

I enjoyed Hayley as our intrepid sleuth and that her daughter Gemma works with her in this one. Trudy, the victim was easy to like as well. I enjoyed that she wasn’t a hated character. I get more invested in figuring out what happened when I like the victim. If they were horrible sometimes I feel like they deserved and don’t care if their murder is solved.

All in all this was an excellent read and I will certainly be going back and reading all of the other books int he series.

About Lee Hollis

Lee Hollis is the pen name for Rick Copp and his sister Holly Simason.

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