Danger on the Loch by Paige Edwards | Book Review

Danger on the Loch by Paige Edwards | Book Review
Danger on the Loch Genres: Romantic Suspense

Raised by a cold and distant mother, photographer Paisley Clark has spent her life daydreaming about the father she doesn’t remember. Paisley’s dream turns to reality when a DNA test brings her in contact with the mysterious man. With her financial situation a disaster and her childhood friend James Pressley-Coombes working across the pond in Scotland, Paisley is emboldened to accept her father’s invitation to visit him.

She arrives in the Highlands only to discover that she isn’t Paisley Clark at all but a titled lady, the daughter of a Scottish duke. Despite the warm welcome and the comfort of James’s presence, dangerous undercurrents surround Castle Rannoch, her father’s estate. Overwhelmed, Paisley takes refuge in her camera and James’s steady presence to provide a sense of normalcy in her rags-to-riches transformation. But her once-easy relationship with James is changing, deepening beyond friendship in a surprising twist of events. Before they have time to examine their feelings, Paisley inadvertently captures a shocking image in one of her photographs—a picture worth killing for.

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This is my first book by Paige Edwards and I must say that I LOVED it! She did such a wonderful job combining romance and mystery. Paisley and James have been friends forever and yet never saw one another in any other way. James is currently in Scotland for work when Paige discovers her father through DNA testing.

That testing leads her to Scotland as well and it helps that James in there, since everything is so new. As Paisley is meeting her father and learning that she is now a titled lady James is her steadfast rock. All of this change in her life brings James into a new light and they begin to see what was most always there between them.

Then Paisley takes a picture that could end both of their lives. Like I said, this is such a well written book. Both Paisley and James are likeable characters. They both are genuine people. Paige works on mending her relationship with her father while James is concerned with not only doing the job he has been sent to do but to also care for Paisley.

This is a clean Romantic Suspense but it’s refreshing and will have you on the edge of your seats.

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