Colton’s Undercover Reunion by Lara Lacombe

Colton’s Undercover Reunion by Lara Lacombe
Colton's Undercover Reunion by Lara Lacombe
Series: The Coltons of Mustang Valley #9
Genres: Romantic Suspense

True love, second chances…

and a covert mission!

With her family mired in legal trouble, Ainsley Colton turns to her ex, ace attorney Santiago Morales. Soon, Santiago asks for help in return…going undercover as husband and wife to expose a dangerous scam. Working alongside him reminds Ainsley of what can never be. This scheme should be hazardous only to her heart—but when the stakes ramp up, “till death do us part” becomes all too real.

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What happens when you first love comes back into your life just when you need his help needing your help in return? You accept is what you do. That is just what Ainsley did when Santiago told her he needed someone to pose as his wife and go undercover with him. She needed Santiago to help her brother Ace.

Santiago knew he never should have let Ainsley go. They were one another’s first love but she wanted more than he did. He wanted to be a high powered attorney in the bog city. He got his wish but it doesn’t feel like he did when all he has is loneliness.

Santiago and Ainsley go undercover for a marriage counseling week at The Marriage Institute. The very place where his sister just returned along with her prenup signed and null and void. Something is up in the place and they intend to get to the bottom of it. I will say what they find there left me with nothing but questions!

This is one of the best books of the series! I love these two and the intrigue in this one had me biting my nails! Payne is still in his coma. If he doesn’t show some life soon, I may to give up on him. Maybe since we are getting closer to the end we will begin to see life.

About Lara Lacombe

Lara Lacombe is a recovering research scientist turned college professor who now spends her days writing and wrangling a toddler. She lives in Texas with her family and two entitled cats, and loves chocolate and her Crock Pot. She uses Facebook to procrastinate–stop by Lara Lacombe Books if you’d like to chat!

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