Colton Cowboy Jeopardy by Regan Black

Colton Cowboy Jeopardy by Regan Black
Colton Cowboy Jeopardy Series: The Coltons of Mustang Valley #8
Genres: Romantic Suspense

On the run from a sociopath…

And no one to trust

Mia Graves is in danger—and so is her baby. Jarvis Colton is exploring a family mystery when their paths cross on the outskirts of Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch. After the trauma of losing his parents, this businessman turned cowboy has no intention of making himself vulnerable ever again. Just this once, he can help a family, but can he protect Mia without falling in love?

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I just loved this book! I mean it starts with a hot cowboy riding through the woods then he hears a baby crying. What could be better than that? Mia is a widowed single mother who has the step mother from hell. She is forced to run with her baby. While she is wealthy she is afraid to go home to her father or access any of her money. She ends up hiding on the Colton Ranch.

Jarvis is Bella & Spencer’s brother. He is the final triplet to get a story and his is a good one. He is working an a ranch hand so that he can secretly dig around the property looking for proof that his branch of the family was swindled. He comes across Mia and her baby and decides to help them.

I love Mia and Jarvis together. He goes to such lengths to help her and her baby. I also love the search he is on and the fact that he doesn’t really care about the money. He just wants to prove it it one way or another.

For those who are wondering, Payne is still in a coma. This poor man, I mean he made me so mad but I’m kind of feeling sorry for him at this point. I certainly feel for his wife. He’s gonna wake up and have all sort of son and daughter in-law not to mention grandchildren.

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