Colton Christmas Conspiracy by Lisa Childs

Colton Christmas Conspiracy by Lisa Childs
Colton Christmas Conspiracy Series: Coltons of Kansas #5
Genres: Romantic Suspense

United at Christmas by new life

Threatened by an old enemy

Neil Colton and Mayor Elise Willis loved and lost each other long ago…but desire and danger soon reunite them this holiday season. In the aftermath of an attack on both their lives, Elise reveals that—thanks to one reckless night—she’s pregnant with Neil’s baby. Nothing will prevent the lawyer from protecting the woman he loves and the child he’s always wanted… Even if it means losing his own life.

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Elise and Neil were once married. Both lawyers they met in law school, got married and opened a practice. The marriage ended in divorce with the fact that Neil wanted children right away while Elsie wanted to wait being one of their biggest issues. Of course being divorced doesn’t mean they aren’t still attracted to one another. That attraction led to them spending one night together and now Elise is possibly pregnant with Neil’s baby.

I will say their divorce was one of the most friendliest I have ever read. I mean these two have dinner still once a month. So when Neil sends a message asking her to meet him it’s not a big deal. At least not until they both arrive and realize they each think the other sent the message getting them together. Something seems off and with this being the same warehouse where the remains of two murder victims was found recently they decide to get out of there.

This is the fifth book in the Harlequin series, Coltons of Kansas and it is action packed from the very beginning. Neil knew he made a mistake in divorcing Elise and once he finds out she is pregnant he asks her to marry him again. She tells him no but that doesn’t stop him from asking. It is clear as bells that these two still love one another and belong together. All together this was a great read and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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