Coffee & Corpse by Maisy Marple | Book Review

Coffee & Corpse by Maisy Marple | Book Review
Coffee & Corpse Series: Connie Cafe Mystery #1
Genres: Cozy Mystery

In the small town of Coffee Creek, things move pretty slow.
But when Connie Cafe finds the best golfer in town dead in a water hazard, suddenly, life in the Creek is anything but...

This is the first book in The Connie Cafe Mystery Series -- a perfect series for lovers of clean small town mysteries that feature coffee and an amateur sleuth who’s in way over her head.

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I am more than a little torn about this book. First is a cozy mystery which means those are always a little lighter when it comes to anything. I enjoy them but this one left me a bit uncertain. Connie has a dream of opening a coffee shop where those who truly love coffee will find enjoyment.

If she isn’t busy enough she’s also a part time journalist for the local paper. She is given the job of interviewing a popular golfer who ends up murdered. Jeff (the full time journalist for the paper) writes an article that hints at Connie being the murderer. Meanwhile Connie think everyone is going to believe the article and needs to prove her innocence. This sets things up nicely and I enjoyed all of this. Of course I loved Connie’s conversations with God as well. You read that correctly.

I liked Connie alright but I felt like she was much to wimpy for lack of a better word to be out there proving her innocence. Maybe even a little flighty, I mean second guessing lunch was a bit much for me. I think some of the things that Connie does would come off more as enduring if she didn’t do them so much. They could be her quirks that make her the persona nd character she is. Instead they came of all over the top.

All in all though I enjoyed the book there were somethings that just didn’t do it for me. I will of course, as always leave it up to y’all to form your own opinions.

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