Cocky Outlaw by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez | Book Review

Cocky Outlaw by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez | Book Review

Cocky Outlaw by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez | Book Review
Cocky Outlaw by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez by Sandy Alvarez, Crystal Daniels
Series: Cocky Hero Club
Genres: MC Romance

Sawyer Jackson, better known to his brothers as Big Easy, is dedicated to his club. Being the President of Hades Outlaw MC is a title he puts above all else.
At the age of forty, Sawyer is the only member yet to settle down. As the bachelor of Hades Outlaw MC, he enjoys living life his way—no strings attached. Sawyer feels his life is better uncomplicated by love and intends to keep it that way.
He has yet to meet a woman special enough to change his mind.
Until a compassionate, alluring, green-eyed nurse steals his heart and changes his mind with just one look.

From a young age, Elizabeth Hogue knew she would follow in her parent’s footsteps and enter the medical field. As a Hospice nurse, she comforts those transitioning from this life to the next.
While most twenty-five-year-old women are out at the club and partying with friends, Elizabeth prefers quiet evenings at home, curled up with a glass of wine and a good book.
Until she meets Sawyer Jackson. His smoldering grey eyes and devilish smile stop her in her tracks. Yet, it’s his Cajun accent and the slow seductive way in which he speaks her name that has her giving the cocky biker her number.

A deadly obsession soon turns their world upside down.
Frightened and alone with a madman, love becomes Elizabeth’s strength to stay alive.
In a race against time,

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This was a pretty quick read but as always Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels knock it out of the park. I am always amazed when I read any of their books because you can’t tell which part each author wrote. The story is seamless and that is not always the case with books written by multiple authors. It is one of the reasons they are on my favorite authors list.

but get immersed in the stories that these two sisters bring to life on the pages of their books. And they did it again with Cocky Outlaw.

Elizabeth has decided that the only boyfriends for her are of the book kind after being hurt by an ex. Unlike her outgoing sister Elizabeth is shy and has a hard time making friends. She is an introvert which can make social situations difficult. She meets Sawyer while attending a charity event.

There is an immediate connection and almost magical in the way it happens. I mean talk about love at first sight! . Then while attending a charity event for cancer she literally bumps into Sawyer. I love that this shy, uncertain woman falls for the president of the Hades Outlaw MC. Sawyer has some issues in his past he has had to overcome as well.

Sawyer and Elizabeth are simply perfect together which means there is plenty out there attempting to keep them apart. They prove just how strong their connection and love for one another is though.

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About Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels is the other half of the writing duo behind the widely popular MC series The Kings of Retribution MC

About Sandy Alvarez

Sandy Alvarez is a romance author who co/writes with her sister Crystal Daniels. She loves writing about sexy alpha men and the women who love them. Her current series is The Kings Of Retribution Mc.

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