Christmas Protection Detail by Terri Reed

Christmas Protection Detail by Terri Reed
Christmas Protection Detail by Terri Reed
Genres: Romantic Suspense

He’ll do anything to protect a baby in jeopardy…

When a call from a friend in trouble leads Nick Delaney and Deputy Kaitlyn Lanz to a car crash that killed a single mother, they become the baby’s protectors. Now figuring out why someone is after the child is the only way to save her. But they must find answers soon…or this baby’s first Christmas might just be Nick’s and Kaitlyn’s last.

From Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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This is a Love Inspired Suspense and Christian book. It didn’t lack for action though which is something I love. The characters are all well written and likeable. I enjoyed reading this book very much.

Nick get a call from him friend in need of some help. He hears gun shots and heads out to find his friend and see what his going on. When he (and Deputy Kaitlyn Lanz) arrive on the scene they are shot at by some men who flee.

While checking on his friend he discovers a baby who he takes responsibility for. He takes the baby home and Kaitlyn stays to help protect them both. What they discover is that people want this baby badly and will go to any length to get her. they are left to protect the baby and figure out why anyone would want to harm a baby.

As I said this was a wonderful read and first from this author for me. She has certainly found her way on to my tbr pile in the future.

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