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    10 Favorite Time Travel Books + Giveaway

    I promised y’all that I would be sharing my various favorite paranormal books over the course of the month and this week we are all about the time travel aspect of them. This is another one of those where I tend to stick with only a handful of authors. I find that I enjoy their writing style and things don’t get to crazy with it. Also you will find that many of the books take place in Scotland or they travel back to Scotland. Apparently it is the place for time travel.

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    Halloween 2021 Giveaway

    Welcome to the Halloween 2021 Giveaway! If you follow me over at Rita Reviews then you already know that I will be one one of these giveaways each month for the rest of the year. Since it the big three holidays I figured why not. I enjoy them and so do y’all. I had planned on doing just one large one and letting it ride on each blog.

  • October 2021 Featured Author
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    October 2021 Featured Author: Paranormal Authors

    This month instead of doing just one author I thought I would do something a little different. Since it is the month of spooky stuff , I thought I would share some of my favorite paranormal authors and books. Throughout the month I will showcase different books that I enjoy. After all, what is Halloween without a good shifter or alien to get you through?