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    Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce

    Rating: Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce Genres: YA Romance After a horrifying public rejection by her crush, Ellie Nichols does what any girl would do: she flees the country. To be more precise, she joins her high school’s study abroad trip to England. While most of her classmates are there to take honors courses and pad their college applications, Ellie is on a quest to rebuild her reputation and self-confidence. And nothing is more of a confidence booster than getting a hot British boyfriend. When Ellie meets Will, a gorgeous and charming Brit, she vows to avoid making the same mistakes as she did with the last guy she…

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    The Weekly Chapter

    You may have noticed something new up there at the top of the blog. It says to get all the information for the week in The Weekly Chapter. One of my favorite bloggers has something similar and I loved the idea behind it. So I created one of my own and gave it some of my own flair.

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    January Featured Author: Cara Covington

    When I am in the mood for a good ménage read Cara Covington is one of the authors I turn to. I enjoy spending time in Lusty, Texas which is the amazing town she created. The people there are so warm and inviting. Grandma Kate is the matriarch of the entire town and let me tell you she always knows just who to pair up.

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    Bookish Goals for 2021

    It’s the beginning of the new year and time for us to set some goals. I’m setting both personal and business goals this year but here on Wickedly Romance I want to share my bookish goals with you. I will say that this blog is a lot of work if you didn’t already know it.

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    2020 in Review

    This has been quite the year for Wickedly Romance. We went through a number of changes and now have settled on the look you see currently. It is one that we could not be happier with. We read and reviewed some amazing books, got to know some great authors, and generally had a blast.