Break It Down by April Canavan | Book Review

Get ready to have the feels you could ever imagine wrapped up in one book. This is a must read series and author in my opinion. April Canavan can weave a story like no other.

Break It Down by April Canavan | Book Review
Break It Down by April Canavan
Series: Birch Police Department #4
Genres: Romantic Suspense

A folded up flag is all that remains.
My brother lost overseas.
And every single day, I face the man responsible.
The man who couldn't save him.
I know he’s watching me.
He owes me, and he knows it.
So when I claim the debt, I don’t expect a fight.
Especially not one that leads to the best sex I’ve ever had.
Now I just have to convince him to let me go.
Because I’m not strong enough to walk away.

The sight of her holding that flag will haunt me until the day I die.
One night. One mistake. One failed mission.
Two families ruined forever.
The right thing to do is walk away.
Especially when I see rage in her eyes.
She doesn’t need the trouble I’ll bring her way.
There’s only one thing I’m good for.
And it sure as hell doesn’t include fixing her problems.
With my expertise, I can break her down and tear her apart.
I just can’t put her back together again.
But she’s in my blood, and I can’t let her go.
She might be shattered and broken, but I never wanted her perfect.
I just want her.

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Break It Down AC T2

This is the fourth book in the Birch Police Department series and I swear these books just keep getting better and better. Ian and Chole have been in love with one another for years. However, she breaks it off when her brother, Kevin, dies. Now with Kevin’s help they will find their way back to one another.

Okay, this book had all of my emotions going crazy. I read this why I was in the hospital and I am pretty sure some of the crazy heart monitor readings are because of this book. It took me on such a rollercoaster ride.

One thing about April Canavan is that she throws no punches. If the story leads you to hurt and heartache she goes there. Need a some twists and turns that will make you hold your breath? She has those for you as well.

This was truly an amazing read and I can’t wait for Terri and Logan to get their story. I can only imagine the ride that one will take us on.

Break It Down AC T1

About April Canavan

I live on chaos and coffee, and you’ll find it running through every single one of my stories.

First of all, I absolutely abhor writing anything biographical. In any form. I’m terrible at it, and I have the very firm belief that no one wants to know who I am. You’re here for books, right? But that doesn’t mean I’m off the hook.

I grew up sneaking over to my great grandmother’s to read her Harlequin novels. Those were delivered once a month in a ginormous box, and from the age of ten, she let me devour them in their entirety. I fell in love with romance, even the clean kind. And that, undoubtedly, led to many days and nights with my face buried in a book and the discovery that I wasn’t happy unless my hair was up, and I had a story in my hand.

I never wanted to write. I wanted to read. ALL the words. Until someone pointed out to me that I’d been writing my entire life. I just needed to put the book in my hand down and pick up a pen.

Once I started, I found out that I couldn’t stop. Now, I’m always writing. Or reading. Or chasing my son through the house to get the elusive hug he thinks I don’t need.

Oh, and I’m a Leo… which is completely on-point if you know me at all. I love being the center of attention. On my terms. When I can stay at home in my pajamas. With lots and lots of coffee on hand. And maybe a few snacks.

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