Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point by Sarah Bennett | Book Review

Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point by Sarah Bennett | Book Review

Let's head to Mermaids Point and get lost in this amazing book that made me weep for the love that the two characters find with one again after both knowing so much grief.

Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point by Sarah Bennett | Book Review
Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point by Sarah Bennett
Series: Mermaids Point #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance

When her dreams of young love were cruelly shattered, Nerissa Morgan found it hard to move on. Now, at forty-three, everyone around her is enjoying life while she’s just going through the motions. With her boss retiring and rumours of a new doctor coming in to take over the practice she manages, change is coming, whether she’s ready for it or not.

Following the death of his beloved wife, Tom Nelson buried himself in work at his busy inner-London GP practice. When his teenage children find themselves in trouble at school, he realises he’s completely lost touch with them. Desperate to reconnect before it’s too late, he whisks his family away to the pretty seaside village of Mermaids Point determined to make a fresh start.

But all is not as idyllic as it seems. With his predecessor reluctant to let go of the reins and the children as distant as ever, the last thing Tom needs is an undeniable attraction to the woman he unexpectedly finds himself sharing a roof with…

Warm, escapist, feel-good and altogether brilliant story-telling from bestselling author Sarah Bennett. Perfect for all fans of Trisha Ashley and Milly Johnson.

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This is the second book in the Mermaids Point series but I will say, having not read the first myself, it is completely stand alone. In this one we meet Nerissa Morgan who has lived her entire life in Mermaids Point. Now, at 43 she still works at the local doctor’s office. Having lost her only love when they were both young she never found anyone who came close to what she felt for Garreth.

Then there is Tom, who comes to Mermaids Point as the new doctor. Him and his children also know what it is to lose the love of your life having lost his wife three years earlier. That puts Tom and Nerissa right in the path of one another.

This was one of the sweetest romances I have read. neither Tom or Nerissa is looking for love. They both had their once in a lifetime and lost it. Yes, they are lonely but they are so wrapped in their personal grief and memories they struggle with the attraction between them.

Sarah Bennett does an amazing job of describing the town as well as the people. It made me want to move there. Everyone is friendly and while the book is sweet, it is not so sweet to make you want to gag. The sweetness and easy going manner makes this book flow. I think it would have been a different book without that.


‘Oh no, you must keep that,’ Tom protested. ‘I wouldn’t dream of encroaching on your personal space. You’ve got a nice little set-up there, and we’re already going to be disrupting your routine.’

It was her turn to shrug. ‘Maybe a bit of disruption is what I need to shake things up. I’ve got very set in my ways with it just being me and Doc.’ When she saw Tom’s gaze lower she realised she was toying with Gareth’s ring at her throat and she quickly dropped her hand. ‘It’ll be nice to have some noise and energy around the place.’

‘I’ll remind you that you said that when Max is murdering zombies on his PlayStation at full volume and Emily’s playing the latest Harry Styles song on permanent loop.’

‘I won’t be able to hear it when I’ve got Absolute 80s blaring on the radio,’ she said with a cheeky grin. Once the kitchen was a Doc-free zone, she’d never have to listen to Radio Four again.

Tom covered his face with his hands. ‘And I thought you would be on my side.’

About Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is the bestselling author of several romantic fiction trilogies including those set in Butterfly Cove and Lavender Bay. Born and raised in a military family she is happily married to her own Officer and when not reading or writing enjoys sailing the high seas.

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