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A Decision Made

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You may have notice that there are older posts on the blog without any images. The images are broken and that happened when I changed hosts. I have been going back and slowly working through those posts and adding the images back. I spent hours yesterday and managed to get through five pages.


I struggled with those images for a while now. It was one of those little things that I would get to eventually or I would have on my list and then put it off because soemthing more important came up. Then I started changing things here to fit in a little better with the new me. The me that has gotten outside more and lost weight. The me that rediscovered my love and joy for books while I was in the hospital.

The me who is taking back control of her life and all the aspects of it. The me who won’t feel bad for not liking a book and saying so anymore. So I have been going through and updating things here in the last week and a half. There is very little left to do except tackling those images. Yesterday I had planned to get through all of them. Then I realized I was being crazy. It would take several weeks or longer to go through and resize, then upload every single image. Not to mention create every single featured image as well.

This morning while setting up my new way to do reviews (at least I hope it will be) in the back of my mind I was thinking about those images. I need to get them done and ow in the world was I going to do them all without losing my mind. I didn’t want to take months. A few weeks maybe but certainly not months.

monthly chapter new 2021

Decision Made

So, I came to a decision that I would go through and get every image needed uploaded but that when it came to the featured images I would use a generic one. Since they were older posts using a generic image isn’t the worst thing in the world. I created and set a different image for each of my categories and will use that on all older posts. They are posts from like three or more years ago. It won’t take as long. That means getting things looking and feeling the way I want them to a lot sooner.

I have been going through the older posts, updating any links that no longer are valid and making sure everything looks the way I want it to. I do have a couple of pages that I still need to make happen as well but they aren’t the highest on my list at the moment. Doing things this way means getting things done on the timeline I have set for myself. It also means that things look a little more pulled together sooner.

Why Should We Care

I know there are many of you thinking that. The truth is that most of you won’t care at all. However, there will be one or two that I will get emails from. Remarks will be made and I will need to answer for that. It’s easier to make this post and say this is what I am doing and why. Again, I know that for most of you, you just don’t care that much.

What’s Coming

Of course the rest of the year will be full of reviews and other bookish information. For 2022, I have a couple of huge book reading lists to share with you. They were soemthing that I have been planning for a while but just haven’t gotten to at all. Of course there is the holidays and more giveaways before the end of 2021 as well.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience! XO Rita!

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