2019 Books Reviewed

I reviewed a books of books this year and I wanted to to take a few minutes to let you see them all. Each one has a special place in my heart. some I know I will reread again this year because I love them o much. Others I will reread at later dates. Yet some will only ever be read once because that’s just the way it goes. I hope you find one or two that you will enjoy. See you next year!


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  1. Wrong Highlander, The (Highland Brides #7) by Lynsay Sands
  2. Chicago Defiance Box Set Part One (Chicago Defiance MC #1-3) by K E Osborn
  3. Quarantine Station, The by Michelle Montebello
  4. Maybe Later by Claudia Burgoa
  5. Inflame (Midnight Cove) by Laramie Briscoe
  6. Saorsa by Kerry Heavens, Heather Shere
  7. Hissy Fit (The Southern Gentleman #1) by Lani Lynn Vale
  8. Rocky Ground (Crimson Point #4) by
  9. Sweet Tea and Secrets (Tea and a Read Mystery #2) by Joy Avon
  10. Out Gamed by Lila Rose
  11. Fallen Princess (Wind Dragons MC #10) by Chantal Fernando
  12. Snitches Get Stitches (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #8) by Lani Lynn Vale
  13. Pacifist, The (Men of the North #10) by Elin Peer
  14. Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem #3) by Penny Dee
  15. Rescuing Macie (Delta Force Heroes #9.5) by Susan Stoker
  16. Something That Could Last (Wild Hearts #1) by Ashley Cade
  17. Eli's Triumph (Reapers MC #6.7) by Joanna Wylde
  18. Trouble on the Books (Castle Bookshop Mystery #1) by Essie Lang
  19. F-Bomb (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #9) by Lani Lynn Vale
  20. Outplayed by Lila Rose
  21. Trial of Lizzie Borden , The by Cara Robertson
  22. Struck (Flawed Love #3) by Emma Louise
  23. Empty Handed (The McLaren Mysteries #10) by Jo A Hiestand
  24. Highway Don't Care (Freebirds #2) by Lani Lynn Vale
  25. Hide Your Crazy (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #1) by Lani Lynn Vale
  26. Murder in the Fens (Tara Thorpe Mystery #4) by Clare Chase
  27. BRASH: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by SC Daiko
  28. Mystic Maples (Deerbourne Inn #9) by Tena Stetler
  29. What We Do in the Night (Day to Night Duet #1) by Stylo Fantôme
  30. Ghost Trippin' (Viola Valentine Mystery #4) by Cherie Claire
  31. Saint (Knights of Fury MC #1) by Chantal Fernando
  32. It Wasn't Me (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #2) by Lani Lynn Vale
  33. Pie Lady - Classic Stories from a Mennonite Cook and Her Friends, The by
  34. Love, Loyalty and Mayhem: A Motorcycle Club Romance Anthology by
  35. Trashed (Eastside Brewery #2) by Mia Hopkins
  36. Death at Beacon Cottage (Sukey Reynolds Mystery #3) by Betty Rowlands
  37. Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest , The by Ann Accetta-Scott
  38. Read and Buried (Lighthouse Library Mystery #6) by
  39. Every Day Is Saturday: Recipes + Strategies for Easy Cooking, Every Day of the Week by Sarah Copeland
  40. Until December (Until Her #4) by Aurora Rose Reynolds
  41. Out to Find Freedom by Lila Rose
  42. This is Wild (THIS IS #2) by Natasha Madison
  43. I'd Rather Not (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #3) by Lani Lynn Vale
  44. Make Me (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #4) by Lani Lynn Vale
  45. Boss of Me by Tia Louise
  46. Cowboy Christmas Redemption (Gold Valley #8) by
  47. Pyro, Pyro, Burning Bright (Phoenix Crew #1) by Miri Stone
  48. Sinners are Winners (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #5) by Lani Lynn Vale
  49. Finn (Anderson Billionaires #1) by Melody Anne
  50. Dreams of 18 by Saffron A. Kent
  51. Second We Met, The (Fulton U #2) by Maya Hughes
  52. Aces High (Baum Squad #2) by M. Never
  53. If You Say So (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #6) by Lani Lynn Vale
  54. Biker Babe (Biker Beauties #1) by Audrey Carlan
  55. Sexy as Sin (Filthy Rich #2) by Julie Kriss
  56. Enforcer, The (Fire's Edge #3) by Abigail Owen
  57. Humbugged (Happy Cat #4) by Pippa Grant, Lili Valente
  58. Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem #4) by Penny Dee
  59. Off Limits (Kings of Mayhem #5) by Penny Dee
  60. Eric (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #1) by Jody Kaye
  61. Brier (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #2) by Jody Kaye
  62. Daveigh (The Kingsbrier Quintupliets #3) by Jody Kaye
  63. Miss Cavanaugh (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #3.5) by Jody Kaye
  64. Cavanaugh (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #) by Jody Kaye
  65. Adam (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #4) by Jody Kaye
  66. Colette (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #5) by Jody Kaye
  67. Colton (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #6) by Jody Kaye
  68. Wait for Me by Tia Louise

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  1. Amazing- lots of reviews and when I go through the titles see many favorites which makes me want to read the others (or at least your review first!) Thanks for being so industrious! 🙂

  2. Awesome reviews . Out gamed sounds really good . I will have to check a couple of these out . I’ve been looking for something new to read .

  3. I am quite impressed with the number of reviews you managed to write amidst all your blogging… and reading!

  4. That’s quite the list! Assuming that this is in the order that you read them— I think it’s interesting that you didn’t read series straight through, in order, from start to finish. And thank you for all of the great reviews!

  5. We had a lot of authors in common, I reread Aurora Rose Reynolds, Natasha Madison all the time, a great year of reviews.

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