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10 Favorite Shifter Books + Giveaway

Paranormal Shifters Book October 2021

I promised y’all that I would be sharing my various favorite paranormal books over the course of the month and this week we are all about the shifters. For those who don’t know (and where have you been living?) shifters are humans who turn into animals. They are either changed or born that way and let me tell you they can be so much fun!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure shifters would be my thing way back when but then I happened to pick up a book and fell in love. Let me tell you that since that first book I have devoured thousands of them. So narrowing them down to my current ten favorite ones was not an easy task. They are in no particular order and I hope maybe you will enjoy them as much as I do.

10 Favorite Shifter Books

1. Eventide of the Bear by Cherise Sinclair

This is such a sweet romance that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Here we have Emma, a bear shifter, who was cast out and lived for years in the wilderness. She is suddenly thrust back into the living with shifters when she breaks the law by stealing food. She’s injured trying to save a human child and ends up living in Ben’s home while she recovers.

Ben has his own issues as his littermate Ryder has suddenly returned after years of being apart over a woman. Ryder has his daughter in tow who doesn’t speak after being abused by her mother. Littermates share their mate. As you can see everyone got problems and together they learn to trust, to love, and maybe learn that forgiveness can come in all forms.

This is the perfect book to dip your tows into the shifter romance world. There is action, romance, and plenty of drama.

2. A Highlander’s Obsession by Vonnie Davis

This is the book that started it all for me. I love Scottish romance and came across this one night on Barnes and Noble. Thought I would give it a try and boy am I glad I did.

Creighton is everything a Highland laird should be with a a little extra since he can turn into a bear. He is fiercely protective of his lands and clan. He is also battling against a curse that took his father at a young age.

Paisley is in Scotland for a funeral with her grandmother. She can talk to animals so imagine her surprise when on upon meeting Creighton she can hear his thoughts. This one has all sorts of great moments.

There are bears, witches, ghosts, and pink pelican baffies. You have to read this if you enjoy Scottish romance and want to give shifters a try I suggestion starting here.

3. Bearly Cooking by Moxie North

Sophie has left England and her very British family to cook at a logging camp in the Pacific Northwest. I love the setting of this one. There is just soemthing so perfect about it.

Cage Rochan runs the family logging business and hires Sophie sight unseen. His brother picks her up at the airport and takes her to the camp. I fact it takes a full day before Sophie and Cage meet. They do because she is injured and when their eyes meet….bam! Instant love for Cage.

This one is fun and laid back which is a nice change of pace as some of the other books mentioned are heavy. Cage has been waiting for his mate for a long time ad wasn’t out filling the void. It was a bit refreshing with that. Also, when Sophie finds out Cage can shift into a bear, her reaction is 100% normal human.

It made the story better, although Cage trying to figure out how to tell before she finds out is so funny. It’s in the quote below and his brothers have great suggestions.

“She has no idea who we are and I need to figure out how to tell her before we can take the next step.” “How about, hey baby, I’m a bear, rawr,” Wyatt offered, making claws with his fingers. “Or how about, hey honey, sometimes I get hairy and like to rub my big butt on trees to scratch an itch?” Conner offered bending over laughing at his hilarity. “Either both of you find something to do or I’m telling mom your interfering in” – Bearly Cooking

4. Bear My Soul by T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce is one of the queens of shifter romance. I can always count on her to deliver and this book is so sweet and a nice pick me up when I need it. Rory and Cody have a one night stand. She leaves and later discovers she’s pregnant.

It doesn’t take her long to figure out her little boy is a bit more than human when he starts shifting into a bear. cub. She protects him as long as she can but now needs answers and help. So she goes in search of Cody.

Cody is wary of love and bonding himself to anyone. He did that once and it ended badly. So when Rory shows up asking odd questions he is curious. That leads him to her aunt’s and his son.

Aaron, their son, is so cute in this. He is thrilled to be with other people like him. Also Rory’s aunt if a riot!

5. Chased by the Bear by Celia Kyle

You can’t have a shifter list and not have Celia Kyle on it somewhere. This one was originally published as Love at First Roar so you may have already it. Kira is a mole shifter who may be a little (completely) blind. I love how it doesn’t get her down though.

Issac is a bear and the clan healer who was badly injured in a battle. The scars have made it hard for him to move forward in life and he is looking to move when he meets Kira.

See what I mean? He has scars that she can’t see! How could you not love these two? They were simply meant to be. Even if her dog keeps peeing all over his stuff and Issac wonders if he and the dog should take a walk in the woods to discuss it. There is plenty of laughter and heartfelt moments in this one. This whole series is good in my opinion but then so are all of Celia Kyle’s other ones.

6. Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley

Kim and Liam are two of my favorite people. Liam is a big cat shifter who meets Kim, a human lawyer determined to prove that a shifter couldn’t kill a human.

Liam feels something for Kim the moment they meet but knows that humans and shifters just don’t mix. After all he lives in a shifter town (actually more like a shifter neighborhood) in a house full of men. Men who happen to be thrilled about Kim and Liam. They haven’t had a woman in the family in years and couldn’t be more thrilled about Kim becoming part of them.

In this series shifters are forced to live in “towns” and wear a collar. They can’t have certain things, certain jobs, etc. Of course shifters know plenty of ways around all of this. Humans will never fully understand them. I love though that the shifters are more about family (both related and nonrelated) than humans will ever be.

“Dylan put his hands on Kim’s and Liam’s shoulders. “The Goddess bless you both.” He kissed Kim’s forehead. “Thank you Kim.” He smiled and walked away. Liam watched him, his heart full. “Is he thanking me for getting pregnant?” Kim asked. “It wasn’t difficult, with all the sex we kept having. You did as much as I did.” – Pride Mates

7. Shards of Frost by Suzanne Wright

This is the final book in the Mercury Pack series and I love it. It wraps things up nicely and we get a little sneak peek at what the future looks like. We have Eli as the last remaining single member of his pack who is a bit lonely. He meets Casey and immediately knows she is his. One thing I loved about this book is there wasn’t a lot of denial about being mates.

I also love that Eli is a a wolf and Casey is a mink. You have to read this book if for nothing else to read about the war dance. You just have to read how that works into this story and the battle. I won’t give anything away but I swear you will love it. It is one of my favorite parts of the book. My favorite is actually gruesome and doesn’t even involve Eli or Casey. It is how Cain, a secondary characters, deals with his future mate being in danger.

I still say Cain needs his own book and I know it isn’t gonna happen but dang!

8. Kian by Callie Rhodes

This one is a bit different. Kian is an alpha, which means he’s a shifter but I don’t think it ever says what animal he turns into. He’s like a bear but still human at the same time. Any way, alphas are sent to live in what is called Boundrylands. Places set up around the country to keep them away from Betas. Most of the world are Betas.

The world keeps the Alphas away because if they touch a woman, well their mate, she will turn into an Omega. Paige is being hunted by her former fiancé and is sent to the Boundrylands to find Kian by his sister. She’s told he can help her and once they touch…well….hello sexy times!

This is a good story and the plot is fun. There are several books in the series and while I like a lot of them, some just bore me. So it is certainly one of those series where I would pick and choose which books I read often. I always come back to this one though because it is the one that made me fall in love with the series.

9. When An Alpha Purrs by Eve Langlais 

This book had me laughing all the way through it. I mean check out the quote down below! We start off with Kira cutting off Arik’s hair. The problem with that is that he is king of his lion pride and more than a little proud of his mane.

Kira has no problem standing up to Arik or telling him no. Neither of which is something he is used to. Most people say yes and do whatever he wants. There are so many funny, sarcastic moments in this book. This has become my go-to series when I want a good story with plenty of laughter.

One thing I will say about this book is that it is over the top and cheesy but I think that is what makes it such a good book. The entire pride in this series knows how to have a good time and the lionesses make the lions seem tame.

“A meddling mother who pounded at the door and yelled, “Arik Theodore Antoine Castiglione, I know you’re in there.”

Kira shouted, “Hey, Norma, fancy you showing up,” before humming the theme to Psycho.

As his mother screamed in rage, Arik laughed. And laughed.” -When An Alpha Purrs

10. An Alpha’s Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan is always going to be on my list! Her shifter books ae so wonderful. I love all of them but in this one we meet Brynn and Finn. Finn is a Redwood wolf who is destined to become the alpha. However, as a child he was almost killed by a demon and that left him and his wolf no longer connected.

Brynn is a Talon and knows that Finn is her mate when they meet but he doesn’t recognize her. That hurts and if that pain wasn’t enough they now have to work together. Being around him hurts her so much but what can she do or say?

This one has a lot of emotion in it which is something that Carrie Ann Ryan does well. It will break your heart at times and at other times you will want to wring Finn’s neck. It is part of a series and honestly can be read on it’s own but I highly suggest reading the previous book. You will be drawn it, I promise.

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