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10 Favorite Alien Books + Giveaway

Paranormal Aliens Book October 2021

I promised y’all that I would be sharing my various favorite paranormal books over the course of the month and this week we are all about the aliens. Although I will admit that I tend to stick with only a handful of authors when it comes to this particular subgenre.

The biggest reason is because I have found that this subgenre can get crazy at times. Since everything can imagined and created I have read some that just turned my stomach. That left me wary and so I stick with the authors I know and love. That doesn’t mean I won’t venture beyond them if a book seems interesting. However the authors I enjoy are good but if you have a recommendation be sure to let me know!

10 Favorite Alien Books

1. Gabe by Anna Hackett

The world has been invaded by aliens that are killing all the humans. However, there are groups of humans who are doing all they can to fight for the human race. Gabe and Emerson are two such humans. Gabe is a member of Hell Squad who lost his twin brother to the aliens along with pretty much everything else. He was previously part of a secret Army super-soldier project that has left him faster, stronger, and deadlier.

However, the lost of his twin has left him taking risks that could get him killed. The only thing that calms him are his nights spent with Emerson. Emerson loves Gabe but she wants more. She loves the time they spend together but worries when he is out patrolling. As the base doctor she seen the wounds the aliens leave.

I love Gabe! He is one of my favorites in this series because he is so serious. However, when the chips are down he shows just where his heart lies.

2. Rhal by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate

This is more of a shifter but sort of alien series as well. Rhal is a merman and his race has come to Earth to help the humans and live in peace along side of them. Cara works at the center where Rhal is a bodyguard of sorts. They spent time together and both have feelings.

I love this one the best of the series because it shows that everyone has to overcome something Rhal’s past is dark and because of it he is dark. He’s hard to get a handle on and Cara does her best. However when the chips are down she does something he may never forgive. The thing is she does it for the right reasons.

Some readers didn’t like Cara as she is okay but could have been a bit more. There are also moments where Rhal is just too much. He acts like a big baby but all in all I do enjoy this book. The whole series is good and because it is Celia Kyle there is plenty of funny moments along the way.

3. Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Georgie gets kidnapped while sleeping and ends up on a ship with some other women. If that’s not bad enough the ship crashes on a planet that is freezing cold. The women are scared and elect Georgie as the leader to go out and find help.

Along the way she meet Vektal who is the leader of his people. He’s also an alien and hasn’t been with a woman in a while. After all his tribe only has like four or five. So meeting Georgie excites him. Then to find out she has more women with her? It’s like finding out there is a Santa Claus and he has brought you all the present.

I love this book and will actually be doing a review of it with a special edition cover soon. It is the perfect start to a series that has become super popular thanks to Tik Tok. Although I was a Ruby Dixon fan way before then. Her writing is sheer genius. It will make you laugh out loud and feel for not only the women in the series but the aliens as well.

There is a spin-off series that is just as great and I think you will enjoy all of these book.

“You ever see Star Wars? The original ones?” “Don’t tell me—” “Yep. It looks like we landed on fucking Hoth. Except I see two itty bitty suns and a huge-ass moon.” “Not Hoth,” Liz yells. “It was the sixth planet from its sun, and I don’t recall it having a moon.” “Okay, nerd,” ― Ruby Dixon, Ice Planet Barbarians

4. Hunter’s Claim by S.E. Smith

The Trivators have taken control of Earth to prevent the humans from destroying it. Jesse Sampson and her two younger sisters have lived on the streets of Seattle, Washington for the past several years. One night while out looking for food Jesse sees a Trivator warrior captured. She can’t let the humans do to him the things they say will. So she waits and helps him.

Hunter and Jesse are great in this and I love when her sisters bring him down. It’s great. The Trivators aren’t out to hurt the humans. They want to help them but the humans can’t seem to understand that. It’s soemthing you really see when the girls are together on the ship and they talk about being hungry at times.

Hunter has committed to protecting Jesse and her sisters. She is his mate and he loves her. However, when he and his friends go out to help solve a conflict and don’t return Jesse and her sister keep their vow about coming for them.

The girls are tired of people promising to come home and not in their lives. They are fearless and this is the perfect start to this series.

5. Hero by Anna Hackett

As you can see I love Anna Hackett’s various series. In this series humans have been abducted from their space station and sent to a world full of gladiators. They have to either fight to survive or get lucky and end up in the House of Galen where they will protect you.

Kace is on contract to the Kor Magna Arena to hone his fighting skills and then return to the military. Love is forbidden. Then he meets Rory, a human who is looking for another human. She is being protected by Kace and the other gladiators in the House of Galen.

It’s a good thing too because someone wants Rory dead. This was so well written. I loved Kace and Rory. add in the suspense of who is after her and will they ever find the other human that Rory knows is out there.

In this one we learn much more about the kidnappers of the humans and I loved the gift that Kace gets for Rory in the market as well.

6. Captive of the Horde King by Zoey Draven

For the humans, living in a world ruled and dominated by The Dakkari is hard. Their villages are often full of poverty, dying crops and hunger. Luna lives in one such village and when her brother sets fire to the land in order to help the crops grow better next year it brings the aliens to their doorstep. Instead of allowing her brother be killed Luna offers herself as atonement.

Liam feels something for Kim the moment they meet but knows that humans and shifters just don’t mix. After all he lives in a shifter town (actually more like a shifter neighborhood) in a house full of men. Men who happen to be thrilled about Kim and Liam. They haven’t had a woman in the family in years and couldn’t be more thrilled about Kim becoming part of them.

In this series shifters are forced to live in “towns” and wear a collar. They can’t have certain things, certain jobs, etc. Of course shifters know plenty of ways around all of this. Humans will never fully understand them. I love though that the shifters are more about family (both related and nonrelated) than humans will ever be.

“I’m learning to give myself permission to be happy. Guilt was a large part of my life. It fueled a lot of my decisions. But I’ve paid my dues, I did what my mother asked of me. Now I just want to be free to make the choices I want to make without fear.” ― Zoey Draven, Captive of the Horde King

7. Maid for the Beast by Grace Goodwin

The Atlan’s are my favorite aliens in the Interstellar Brides Program! There is just something about them that I enjoy so much. Braun is no exception. Due to unforeseen difficulties production on the reality show of alien males meeting human females Braun is stuck on the show floor of a hotel. The same floor full of women fromt he show who do nothing for him or his beast. He already knows they aren’t for him. Then he meets Anglea.

Angela is simply doing her job and cleaning the room of the star of the show. Well, the replacement after Warlord Wulf ran off with a non contestant of the show. The moment Braun lays eyes on Angela both him and his beast knows she is their mate. There is no question about it and he will do whatever it takes to have her.

This one has plenty of twists and turns that y’all are going to love. Including why production is on hold. That made me laugh out loud. I will say that I loved how well Braun was with Angela’s family and her grandfather was so much fun.

8. Wild Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

The aliens have taken over and control the Earth. Humans live in, encampments for lack of a better word. Like villages. The aliens are called Beasts and they have only one mate. Vice bought Delwyn from Community Three which was the encampment she grew up in. She was more than happy to be a mate and to be escaping where she lived. In fact she begs him to go with him that day. However he thinks he’s doing the right thing by abiding by the Community’s rules.

When he picks her a month later she is no longer the Delwyn he met and she will stop at nothing to get away from him. This one is so great! Vice spends most of this book chasing Delwyn down. He has become the laughing stock of the Beast community because he can’t keep his mate at home.

We don’t find out until about half way in why Delwyn changed as much as she has and when you do you realize that it is really the humans who are beasts. Although I will tell you the cities and world created in this series are so great. I enjoy all of the books in it.

9. Tane by Anna Hackett 

This is the final book in the Hell Squad series and it is so good! Tane and the alien Selena have been dancing around one another for a while now. They are both working hard to figure out how to beat the Gizzida. After being captured and tortured by them Selena is determined to save her new home world. I will say that this book left me in tears but then dried them right up.

It was heart pounding at times and after reading the entire series I was on pins and needles waiting for a happy ending. This one doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Tane treats Selena like a delicate flower and I suppose after everything she has been through she is in a way. However, she shows him just what kind of a good man he is. Together they risk everything to save mankind.

“None of us are perfect, Tane. We’re good and bad, an accumulation of right choices and wrong ones, but I’ve watched you for almost a year. You are a good man, even if you don’t believe it. And I want you. Just as you are.” -Anna Hacket, Tane

10. Kollin by Hannah Davenport

Carrie Ann Ryan is always going to be on my list! Her shifter books ae so wonderful. I love all of them but in this one we meet Brynn and Finn. Finn is a Redwood wolf who is destined to become the alpha. However, as a child he was almost killed by a demon and that left him and his wolf no longer connected.

Brynn is a Talon and knows that Finn is her mate when they meet but he doesn’t recognize her. That hurts and if that pain wasn’t enough they now have to work together. Being around him hurts her so much but what can she do or say?

This one has a lot of emotion in it which is something that Carrie Ann Ryan does well. It will break your heart at times and at other times you will want to wring Finn’s neck. It is part of a series and honestly can be read on it’s own but I highly suggest reading the previous book. You will be drawn it, I promise.

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